Unlock Recurring Revenue; Sell SmartNodes with Cloud-Fax Services; Out of the Box
We've partnered with Cloudli to provide your customers best-of-class VoIP/FoIP services, including a unique patented encryption option that's trusted by health care providers, financial institutions and other major enterprises around the globe.

Plus, it's been developed to quickly and easily provision on your existing Patton installs.

It's a great way to make huge commissions. For example, an agent selling 12 lines a month makes:
  • $1000/month in commissions by month 6
  • Total commissions in excess of $100,000 in just 4 years


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to earn recurring revenue

Low-Cost T.38 Fax Line Service.
Out of the box.
Make money in two ways on one install:
  • Make margin on the sale of the device
  • AND recurring revenue on the services
High-Value Encrypted FoIP Services.
Out of the box.
  • Out of the box HIPAA compliance (no BAA required)
  • Patented real-time FoIP (T.38) encryption
  • Telco grade service quality and reliability
  • Equal or better call completion than land lines
  • Auto-provisioned plug & play setup
When your hosted telephony or SIP trunks don't do fax or it's unreliable, turn to a SmartNode.
The best performing fax gateways in the world.
babyTEL Fax will be available on ANY SmartNode with a free license key.
Integrate any fax machine or network of fax machines for IP.
Full SLA service guarantees provided by Cloudli.

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