Acropolis Telecom and Patton-Inalp: a lasting—and high-precision—partnership!

Patton-Inalp, the expert in network access equipment, connectivity, VoIP and mobile video surveillance was established in 1984 by the Patton brothers. The multinational company designs and manufactures voice and data communications equipment for carrier, enterprise and industrial networks worldwide.

Acropolis Telecom has trusted Patton-Inalp ever since choosing their SmartNode Gateways several years ago. The two companies are now renewing and revitalizing their longstanding partnership...

Founded in 2001 by three telecom professionals: Benoit Vallet, Samir Sylay, and My Koleilat, Acropolis Telecom positions itself as "the operator for telecommunications-over-IP solutions.” providing converged voice, video, data, and multichannel VoIP for the SME and local government markets. Today, more than 1,500 customers in France trust Acropolis for phone services.

Acropolis serves a broad range of clients, offering solutions for organizations that vary widely in size, existing infrastructure types, and other unique needs.

"We have a wide range of communication solutions, IT services and equipment, enabling us to meet the needs of single-site and multiple-site companies as well as local authorities. In order to constantly provide quality value-added services, we are especially attentive when choosing our technology partners. Acropolis Telecom collaborates with prestigious partners. Recognized in the market for their professionalism, Patton-Inalp is among the high-quality partners that we value, "said Benoit Vallet, Technical Director at Acropolis Telecom.

The high-precision-clock SmartNode 4961
In some of its solutions, Acropolis Telecom deploys Patton voip gateways, including the SN4961 (for T2 signals) and SN4639 (for T0 signals). Offering a seamless connection between the high-density circuit-switched network and voice-over-IP, the SN4961 is ideal for "business trunking” or business-class VoIP access. It integrates with existing telephony equipment to deliver high-quality VoIP and data, featuring VoIP-over-VPN with encrypted voice. Equipped with four T1/E1/PRI ports, two Gigabit Ethernet ports and supporting up to 120 simultaneous VoIP calls, the SmartNode 4961 enables low-cost, secure and prioritized communications.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the SN4961 provides an especially important function: the gateway provides an integrated high-precision clock that eliminates interoperability issues that often arise when converting DECT, PBX and FAX in ISDN systems to IP telephony.

"The interoperability issues of DECT, PBX and FAX are serious challenges to integrators and operators during the transition from one system to an ISDN VoIP system. With its successful experience in the field of VoIP, Patton is one of the only manufacturers to produce self Gateway that solve these interoperability problems. In addition, the gateway SN 4961, the T38 protocol allows faxes to transit through the IP network, which is an important asset for our target small business still relies on fax. Add to that a quality / price ratio almost unbeatable, and you have all the reasons for our continued partnership with Patton-Inalp "said Benoit Vallet.

"Acropolis Telecom is a leading landscape Telecommunications offering decidedly modern communication solutions that adapt easily to different business needs. If we have been working now for so long is because it is a real win-win partnership and we hope to continue on this path! "Concludes Bertrand Bouthillier, Commercial Director France-Belgium-Luxembourg-Denmark-DomTom Patton-Inalp.

About Patton-Inalp
Inalp Networks was founded in 1998 to design, develop and market advanced Internet Protocol (IP) based multi-service platforms that deliver voice, video and data services over a converged network. Patton Electronics, Co. (Maryland, USA) and Inalp Networks AG (Berne, Switzerland) joined forces in 2002 to manufacture and market the SmartNode™ brand of advanced VoIP products. Patton-Inalp Networks AG is the VoIP competency center and Europe-Middle-East-Africa (EMEA) sales organization for Patton’s business-class network access, connectivity and VoIP equipment.

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About Acropolis Telecom
Acropolis Telecom is a leading operator of IP communications solutions on French.Specializing in IP telephony and converged voice, video and data, the company provides complete unified communications solutions: fixed and mobile telephony, Internet access, e-mail, CRM, video conferencing, telepresence SDSL or fiber optics. In this market, the company has several advantages:
  • Being specialized in VoIP
  • Be independent of any vendor at its backbone
  • Provide tailored offers
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