Patton Unveils RoHS-Compliant G.703/G.704 Toolless IDC IDC Baluns


Convenient, cost-effective, and RoHS-compliant, the Model 430 Single-Port E1/E2 Balun Series provides quick and easy coaxial/twisted-pair conversion for high-density G.703/G.704 installations

GAITHERSBURG, MD: Patton Electronics the leader in network access and connectivity solutions has unveiled their latest G.703/G.704 balun product line. The ultra-miniature Model 430 single-port E1/E2 Toolless IDC Balun Series complies with the European Union's recently-enacted Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

The tiny new single-port baluns cut costs in telecom environments by providing conversion from expensive coaxial cable to lower-cost copper twisted pairs. The ultra-miniature size conserves valuable real-estate in the central-office by facilitating high-density installation within a Digital Distribution Frame (DDF).

"Our goal at Patton is to say 'yes' to any customer with a balun requirement," said John Grant, Product Line Manager. "Our Toolless IDC balun is another big 'yes' to Patton customers around the world."

The cost-effective Model 430 features 3-pole toolless insulation displacement connectors (IDC) that install quickly and easily because no special tools are required to strip, screw, or solder the copper wire. The balun series offers a comprehensive selection of industry-standard coaxial connectors, including male and female versions of BNC, Type 43, 1.6/5.6, and 1.0/2.3.

In addition to physical interface conversion, the baluns provide electrical impedance matching between 75-Ohm coaxial and 120-Ohm copper conductors, with transparent bi-directional signal conversion at speeds ranging from 2 to 8 Mbps. No AC or DC power is required.

Up to 32 baluns can be mounted in Patton's Model 430R panel, which is designed for installation in a standard 19-inch telecom-equipment rack. The fully shielded baluns can also be cable-mounted.
Along with the new balun series, Patton recently declared their ultra-popular Model 460F (Dual-E1 Balun) and Model 460RC/16/F (16-Port Dual-E1 Modular Balun Rack) to be RoHS compliant.

For hi-resolution images of the Model 430 Series Toolless IDC Baluns, go to Patton's media resources page and click on Baluns.

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