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CopperLink CL1401EBT60 Industrial Gigabit 60W (802.3bt) PoE Booster (In-Line Repeater)

Patton’s CL1401E/BT60 is a rugged single-port PoE booster that enables extended-reach network connectivity in non- temperature-controlled locations.

Patton’s CL1401E/BT60 is a ruggedized extended-temperature PoE booster that requires no AC or DC power outlets to operate. The available power, industrial build, and gigabit bandwidth makes this product suitable for many industrial and security applications that include such PDs as PLCs, BACs, IP cameras, access controls, IP phones and more.

The CL1401E/BT60 is equipped with a gigabit 95-watt PD input (PoE) and 1-gigabit PoE outputs capable of 15 to 60 watts of PoE power (depending on the power budget). The CL14021E has a built-in power booster ensuring that a stable voltage output is available to your high power PDs (PoE powered end-points).

Harness the true power and flexibility of Power over Ethernet!


CopperLink™ CL141E-BT90 application diagram

  • Ethernet and PoE Extension - Doubles 10/100/1000 Ethernet and PoE distance limit to 656 feet (200m). Multiple units can be daisy-chained for even longer extensions.
  • Compliant to all PoE Standards - Works from 802.3af (15 watts or less) up to 802.3bt (90 watts)
  • Operates over Cat 5e/6 - No special cable required; these extenders operate over standard networking cable.
  • Transparent LAN Operation - Completely transparent operation ensures maximum throughput, minimum latency, and best of all: interoperability with any network enabled device.
  • No External Power Required - Our device acts as a PD, meaning it takes power from any standards-based PoE switch, Injector or another CL1400.
  • TAA Compliant - Top-notch quality and reliability with local support
# Model # Description Availability
1 CL1401E/BT60/PD95 Industrial Gigabit 60W (802.3bt) PoE Booster (In-Line Repeater); 802.3BT (90W) PD Pre-Order Available


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