Self-Powered Line Drivers
Connect-IT 1009 & 1000 Self-Powered, Asynchronous, Short-Range Modem

--Image: RACKABLE! Rack Mount Available --The Patton Model 1009 and 1000 supports asynchronous, point-to-point, RS-232, communication over two twisted pairs. The Model 1009 will plug into DB-9 and the Model 1000 plugs directly into a DB-25 interfaces.   Both modems are backwards compatible with each other.  This short haul is compatible with the Patton Model 1010.

--Image: Models

  • Support async, point-to-point, RS-232, communication over two twisted pairs
  • Designed to plug into DB-9 and DB-25 interfaces (respectfully)
  • Both Patton Model 1000 and 1009 are compatible with each other
  • Made in the USA — This Patton equipment is designed by Patton engineers and built in our Gaithersburg, Maryland facility. Patton's American-made manufacturing process delivers high-quality networking solutions with reliability you can trust.