This legacy product is EOL. For product replacement alternative, please see Patton’s Model 2016 (X.21 to V.35) or Model 2021 RS232 to X.21).

The Model 2065RC and 2066RC interface converter rack cards allow synchronous X.21 DCE hardware to communicate with synchronous RS-232 or V.35 hardware, respectively (the RS-232/V.35 interface is DCE/DTE switchable). Both units fit in Patton's rack chassis and ClusterBoxes™, and derive their timing from the X.21 DCE. The front card incorporates seven status LEDs, while the rear card presents two UD-26 connectors for hardware connection. Two Built-in 16-bit elastic buffers compensate for timing differences in data conversion.

Model 2065RC:
  • Bi-directional RS-232 to X.21 data conversion
  • Sync data rates up to 384 kbps
Model 2066RC:
  • Bi-directional V.35 to X.21 data conversion
  • Sync data rates up to 2.048 Mbps
  • 16-Bit Elastic Buffers (Both Models)
  • Made in the USA — This Patton equipment is designed by Patton engineers and built in our Gaithersburg, Maryland facility. Patton's American-made manufacturing process delivers high-quality networking solutions with reliability you can trust.