The networking industry's first-ever Ethernet Extender is no longer available for sale. End of Life Notice (PDF). For next-generation alternatives, please see Patton's CopperLink™ 1314 Auto-Rate Ethernet Extender.

The Patton Model 2111 and 2112 LAN-Xtend™ Campus Bridges connects two peered 10Base-T Ethernet LANs (up to 100 users) at distances up to 3 miles/4.9 km over a single twisted pair (2 wires). Using the LAN X-Tender, corporations can connect an Ethernet LAN at the corporate headquarters to a peered Ethernet LAN at a local branch office using a dry copper leased line. The LAN-Xtend units also enable universities, corporations, government agencies, and military bases to use the installed base of telephone wire to connect two peered Ethernet LANs across a large campus or between floors in a high-rise building.

The LAN-Xtend devices are sold in pairs: one unit for the local or central office site (the Model 2112-CO), and one unit for the remote or customer premises (the Model 2112-CP). When the pair of units is deployed at either end of an unconditioned single-pair line, no configuration is needed. Just plug in the 10Base-T LAN connections and go! Built-in loopback diagnostics and front panel LED indicators help you troubleshoot any potential problems with the line.

  • Link LANs that are separated by as much as 3 Miles (4.9 km) over private or leased twisted pair
  • No Configuration Needed - Just Plug and Go!
  • Only requires 2 Wires
  • Supports LAN connectivity up to 100 LAN users
  • WAN speeds up to 2.3 Mbps
  • Provides MAC level connection between two peered Ethernet LANs
  • Operates transparently to higher level protocols such as TCP/IP, DECnet, NET BIOS and IPX