This legacy product is not recommended for new installations. There is no replacement for these products.

Most IBM computer systems are connected together using coaxial cables with BNC connectors. These cables are fairly expensive to buy and costly to install. On the other hand, most buildings are already wired for telephone systems and it is quite easy to take advantage of this existing wiring to connect computer equipment.

With a pair of Patton Electronics Model 400 units, any IBM 3270 Type A equipment can be connected together over one twisted pair telephone line at distances up to 1200 feet (365m)! This can result in significant savings!

  • Communicate Over Existing Telephone Lines or Other Twisted Pair
  • Connect Twisted Pair Using RJ-11, RJ-45 or Terminal Block
  • Patton's Exclusive Strain Relief Works with Terminal Block to Prevent Cable Strain and Accidental Disconnection
  • Available with 6 (.15m) Coax and/or 6' (1.8m) Twisted Pair Pigtails (Custom Lengths too)
  • Available in any BNC & Modular Gender Combination
  • Distances to 1200 feet (365m) on 24 AWG Wire (1500 ft on 22 AWG Wire)
  • Low Prices & Made in the USA