End of Life Notice (PDF). This legacy product is not recommended for new installations. For next-generation alternatives, please refer to the 2300 table in the EOL notice.

The SmartNode 2300 Modular VoIP phone gateway is a single flexible VoIP router platform for integrated network-data and Voice-over-IP applications. Ideal for the branch office or the small-to-medium enterprise, the SmartNode 2300 VoIP phone gateway router is performance-tuned for packetized voice-and-data convergence. Equipped with dual Ethernet ports, a serial V.35/X.21 port, and three voice interface slots, the SmartNode 2300 scales up to 60 simultaneous calls in a 1U chassis.

The SmartNode 2300 VoIP gateway router connects your LAN to the WAN using PPP or Frame Relay (RFC-1490) eliminating the need for and cost of an extra router. With dual Ethernet ports and built-in QoS, NAT, DHCP, PPPoE, and ACL/Firewall, the SmartNode 2300 provides complete LAN network access control.

With Patton's Telephony-over-IP (ToIP) programmable circuit-switching the SmartNode 2300 links any standard BRI, T1/E1 PRI, or FXS connection to the IP network. Supporting multiple codecs and T.38/Modem bypass, the SmartNode seamlessly integrates voice, data, and fax over IP.

The SmartNode delivers IP-network access with the clarity of toll-quality voice for a complete LAN, WAN, and Gateway solution.

Configuration Example: Office IP & Voice Access
The SmartNode 2300 Modular VoIP Access Router is an intelligent multi-service network-access device providing both routed LAN services and voice-over capabilities.

With its internal router and V.35/X.21 port, remote or local sites can access public IP services or private data VPNs without the added cost of a router.

Adding voice-over capabilities is a snap using any combination of field-installable voice and data modules. Now any site can connect any phone to VoIP with BRI, T1/E1 PRI, or FXS.

  • VoIP Gateway Router with dual Ethernet
  • 3 Expansion slots for ISDN BRI, T1, E1, and FXS interface cards for voice processing features
  • V.35/X.21 serial interface
  • LAN-to-LAN connectivity
  • Voice VPNs
  • Real-time quality of service (TOS, Diffserv, and IEEE 802.1p/Q)
  • On-board DSP support multiple voice codecs
  • G.711 A-Law/µ-Law; G.723.1; G.729A; Transparent
  • H.323v4; SIPv2; MGCP/IUA
  • Simultaneous compresses ISDN voice calls over the same IP link
  • Static firewall with NAPT and Access Control Lists
  • Industry Standard CLI, SNMP, TFTP configuration and software upgradeable
  • EMC & CE compliant
  • 1-year warranty
  • Optional Upgrade: 2-5 year Warranty
  • Optional Upgrade: 1-5 year Enhanced Warranty (includes free Advance Replacements)