All-IP Session Border Controllers
SmartNode SN5550 eSBC + Router | 2FXS/2S0 or 4FXS/4S0 ports for up to 8 phone or fax calls

2 BRI/2 FXS/FXO or 4 BRI/4 FXS/FXO ports and 48 simultaneous G.722/G.711 or T.38 calls. The SN5550 is the best way to connect ISDN networks or ISDN terminal equipment, and legacy analog equipment into an All-IP environment. With built-in security features such as HTTPS provisioning, Stateful Firewall, and SIP-TLS / SRTP** it provides business-class VoIP for demanding ISDN users.

Cloud Enabled The SmartNode SN5550 Enterprise Session Border Controller bridges a wide range of IP-PBX products to their SIP Trunk service providers. With its built-in security features such as SIP TLS, SRTP, Stateful Firewall and secure provisioning, it protects the LAN networks from fraud strikes out of the Internet.

The combo configuration of 2 BRI/2 FXS/FXO or 4 BRI/4 FXS/FXO, fits the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises requiring a solution to enable legacy equipment for VoIP networks.

The unique WebWizard enables easy and hassle-free installations, and lets technical people create their own Web interface.

With the separate config domain feature, the SN5550 will be the service demarcation point for SIP trunk service providers, so the local administrator only has to modify configuration settings facing the LAN IP-PBX.

Whether used as an enterprise session border controller or as a VoIP gateway/router, the SmartNode 5550 series provides excellent VoIP, IP QoS and security features for seam-less network integration. With BRI and analog ports, the SN5550 converts modem and fax signals to VoIP, and solves problems with integrating PoS, metering systems, elevator phones, etc. to an All-IP environment. For business class IP telephony at the tip of your fingers, the SmartNode SN5550 is more than just talk!
SmartNode 5551

  • BRI & FXS/FXO interfaces—2 or 4 ISDN BRI S0/T0 and 2 or 4 FXS/FXO ports. 4 -8 G.722/G.711 or 4 T.38 calls simultaneously. Incudes SIP TLS/SRTP.
  • SIP Registrar - License is included in ALL eSBC products.
  • Advanced Local Call Switching—Virtual interfaces and routing tables provide industry leading flexibility in call handling programming. Local call switching, soft fall-back to alternative routes. Simultaneouslyconnects to multiple SIP services/IP PBXs.
  • WAN Broadband Access — VDSL 2 & ADSL2+ and G.SHDSL-EFM/ATM Broadband WAN interface.
  • Network Monitoring —Embedded Packet Smart Agent for network monitoring and assessment 24x7.***
  • Auto-Provisioning—Secure zero-touch provisioning (HTTPS) for ease of use.
  • Proprietary OS—Utilizes proprietary Trinity software for enhanced security.
  • Access link redundancy —Through USB port, using 3G/4G Cellular Modem module
  • Ease of Use—Patton's Web Wizard is a time saving tool for a fast and reliable installation.
  • Full VoIP protocol support—SIPv2, SIPv2 over TLS, ISDN, DSS1, QSIG**, T.38, G.722 HD voice, RTP Security with SRTP, fax and modem bypass, DTMF relay.
  • Outstanding Interoperability—Interoperable for voice and T.38 fax with leading SIP service providers, softswitch vendors, and major IP-PBX manufacturers.
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