Pro-AV Extender/Converter Kits
FiberPlex TKIT-MADI MADI/AES10 Audio Over Fiber Extender Kits (2-Pack)

The TKIT-MADI units are pre-configured Fiber Kits for Extending MADI over either multimode or singlemode fiber

The ‘TKIT’ bundles leverage the incredible flexibility of our TD-6010 12.5 Gbps workbox and bundles it with a set of application specific SFP modules to create a simple, easy to order solution for your specific application. The TKIT-MADI fiber extender kit transports 125 Mbps MADI signals over fiber. The cable driver amplitude and edge rate are automatically configured in order to achieve compliance to AES10-2003.

MADI Fiber Conversion, Extension and Isolation

TKIT-MADI applications

  • MADI presented over HD-BNC™ 75Ω coax
  • Meets Electrical Specifications of AES10-2003
  • Integrated Equalizer and Cable Driver
  • Available with a variety of mounting options including DIN rail, NEMA enclosures and 1U rack tray mounting
  • Power Adapters Included