End of Life Notice - mDSL Products (PDF). This legacy product is not recommended for new installations. For next-generation alternatives, please see Patton's Model 3224 G.SHDSL IpDSLAM.

DSL delivers the reach-and-range, but the infrastructures delivering those services have typically lacked integration, often requiring a rack full of specialized equipment. Now, Patton has combined mDSL, DACS, and WAN functions into a space-saving, power-saving, single-box solution.

The Model 3095 mDSL Digital Cross Connects links up 16 mDSL circuits to multiple WAN uplink modules with completely flexible grooming. Each 2.3-Mbps mDSL (CAP or 2B1Q) offers user-selectable nx64 data rates. With its built-in any-to-any cross-connect, each data channel, or channel group, can be multiplexed onto any uplink or DSL port. The entire system is easily manageable through an integrated SNMP/HTTP-based NMS. To ensure high service uptime, the Model 3095 provides dual-redundant power supplies. Provide a completely managed end-to-end solution using Patton's family of mDSL NTUs.

Harness the explosive growth in DSL with a tightly integrated, cost-effective solution to aggregate high-speed traffic. To obtain the greatest efficiency and economy, with the right set of features choose the Model 3095 DACS for your network.

  • Grooms 16 mDSL connections to your choice of Quad/Octal/Hex T1/E1 module, Hex sync serial module, or E3/Fiber trunk modules
  • 2.3-Mbps mDSL CAP or 2B1Q provides the right line-coding for your network on each 2-wire mDSL port
  • Multiple, configurable alarms reporting via remote SNMP traps, front panel LEDs, 3-contact relay, and NMS pages
  • SNMP/HTTP network management capabilities enable you to configure the Model 3095 and the remote mDSL modems from any location in the world.
  • Compact 1U chassis' with 16 mDSL ports in a single 1U spce
  • Dual-redundant power supplies provide for high reliability with dual load-sharing power supplies.