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The 3096RC T-DAC connects 16 G.SHDSL users and supports nx64 kbps access to 2.3 Mbps. Offering high density with open standards-based interoperability, the 3096RC delivers access for the next generation.

DSL delivers the reach-and-range, but the infrastructures delivering those services have typically lacked integration, often requiring a rack full of specialized equipment. Now, Patton has combined G.SHDSL ports, DACS, and WAN functions into a powerful system operating on Patton's ForeFront Access Platform.

The Model 3096RC TDM-Digital Access Concentrator, or T-DAC, links 8, 12, or 16 G.SHDSL circuits to multiple WAN uplink modules and offers completely flexible any-to-any grooming. Each 2.3-Mbps port offers user-selectable nx64 (n=1..36) data rates. With its built-in cross-connect, each data channel, or channel group, can be multiplexed onto any uplink or DSL port-even to ports on other 3096RC blades in the same chassis. The entire system is easily manageable through an integrated SNMP/HTTP-based NMS.

Use the T-DAC in any Patton 2U, 4U, or 9U Forefront Access System and scale-up density while reducing costs! Fully redundant power and integrated cooling enable these lightweight chassis to grow while accepting new technologies.

Harness the explosive growth of DSL with a tightly integrated, cost-effective solution to aggregate high-speed traffic while gaining flexibility and protecting your investment. Choose the 3096RC for your next network rollout.

ForeFront G.SHDSL System Configurations
The ForeFront FullPipe-configured with 3096RC T-DACs-provides up to 96 G.SHDSL links in a 4U chassis. E1 or STM-1 interface options make data network integration a snap. Combined with Patton's 3086, 3088 or 3201 CPE, it provides the complete solution.

  • Up to 16 Ports per ForeFront Card—Get high density per card and lower your cost per port. Simply scale with more cards
  • nx64 kpbs Speeds to 2.3 Mbps—Get speed and distance of up to 30,000 feet (9.4 km) with nx64 kbps (n=1..36) on each port
  • Flexible WAN Egress—Your choice of 4/8/12/16 T1/E1 module, or use the STM-1 uplink for up to 63 E1s over fiber or copper
  • Built-in TimeSlot DACS—Connect any-to-any mapping with its powerful built-in grooming capabilities.
  • Complete Alarm Facilities—Configurable alarm reporting via remote SNMP traps, front panel LEDs, 3-contact relay, and NMS.
  • SNMP/HTTP Network Management—Configure the Model 3096RC and the remote CPE modems from any location in the world.


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