Analog VoIP Gateways
SmartNode SN4740 Analog High Density Gateway | 16 to 128 ports

Covering analog port densities of 16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 72, 96, and 128, the SN4740 series can connect analog telephony equipment to SIP-based communication systems for just about any application, hotels, resorts, campus, and sprawling industrial facilities.

The SmartNode™ 4740 VoIP Gateway provides 16 to 128 analog FXS (FXO coming soon) interfaces to connect phones, fax or PSTN trunk lines to your All-IP based Unified Communication system such as SIP Trunks, IP PBXs, Hosted Solution, etc.

Like every SmartNode, the SN4740 supports every industry-standard Codec to deliver toll-quality voice on every call. Using Patton Cloud's Call Quality Assessment and Monitoring functions, together with E-Mail or SMS notification, it ensures meeting Service Level Agreements at the customer premise with no effort. Which helps in preventing Call Quality related problems, and reduces time resolving them by utilizing the remote access functions of Patton Cloud.

VoIP-over-VPN voice encryption provides secure voice and data via IPsec** or OpenVPN** in addition to SIP/TLS** & SRTP**.

The advanced call-router functionality includes least-cost call routing with flexible dialed-number plan support. The SmartNode survivability suite provides SIP Trunk and PSTN fallback to ensure business continuity in case the IP network fails. In addition, the SmartNode delivers a smooth transition to All-IP with strong number portability support accepting incoming calls from the PSTN throughout the VoIP service provider's number porting process.

Preserve investments in legacy phone equipment while taking the next steps toward unified communications with the SN4740 VoIP Gateway. Providing 16 to 128 FXS (FXO coming soon) interfaces and two 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, the SN4740 delivers a reliable, cost-effective solution for the Enterprise.

Apartment Building Application 
Apartment Building Application

Hotel Application 

Hotel Application


  • Up to 128 FXS - 16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 72, 96, and 128 Analog ports. Long Reach FXS—10 km @ 3REN load. MWI, Caller-ID and AOC support. FXO is coming soon!
  • Message Waiting - Message Waiting Subscription & Notify, MWI – Line reversal, high voltage and FSK support.
  • Full VoIP protocol support - SIPv2, SIPv2 over TLS**, SIPv2 over IPv6, RTP security with SRTP**, T.38, fax and modem bypass, DTMF relay.
  • Easy Management & Provisioning - Patton Cloud orchestrated, HTTPS zero-touch provisioning (Mutual Authentication), SNMP, command line interface and TR-069 for automated mass provisioning for efficient deployments.
  • Call Quality Assessment & Monitoring - Powered by Patton Cloud; Call Quality monitoring ensures SLA is being met at the customer premise. CDR logging includes quality information, duration, Codec, etc. Accessible by Web and API (OSS/BSS integration).
  • eSBC Upgrade Option - Simply by purchasing a software license, the SmartNode becomes a full blown eSBC. This capability prepares your voice network for next-generation SIP services and security.