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   Tech Notes
    VoIP: What Are FXS & FXO?
    Application Note: SmartNode 4000 Series used for FXS-FXO Line Extension
    Configuring a Patton SmartNode for the VoIPVoice SIP Business Service
    Model 2888 Bridged Multi-Link PPP
    Model 2884 Routed Multi-Link PPP
    Model 6081 Bridged Multi-Link PPP
    Model 6081 Routed Multi-Link PPP
    288x, 3224 and 6081 Remote Syslog Setup
    MGCP Tech Notes
    Patton VoIP Hardware for 3CX
    Understanding Echo Problems
    VLAN Aggregation with the Model 6081RC
    Model 2620/KK - Dual Routed Application-1
    Model 2620/KK-Drop & Insert over Dual WAN Ports
    Model 2635 PPP Bridged Application Note
    SmartNode™ Quality of Service for VoIP on the Internet Access Link
    DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service)
    RAS: IP Filtering
    RAS: Configuring Frame Relay
    RAS: Multi-Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG)
    RAS: Non-Facility Associated Signalling (NFAS)
    RAS: Working with SNMP Object Identifiers (OIDs)
    SNMP Security Advisory
    RAS: Configuring RADIUS
    RAS: About RADIUS
    Build An ISP
    2800 Hotel Remote Access Application and FAQ's
    Model 2018 Passive or Active Configuration: Don't burn it up!
    Pointers to Radius Server Implementations
    Polarity of RS-485 and RS-422 Signals
    Distance Table for Converter Models 2085 & 2089
    Distance Table for SRM Models 1004A/1008
    Distance Table for Models 2085, 2089, & 2085RC
    Low-Cost Remote Management using RS-232
    EIA-422 & EIA-485 Polarity
    Remote Device Configuration using RS-232
    Model 2025 DIP Switch Settings
    Twisted Pair Wiring: Color Me "Confused"
    Basic Synchronous Connections
    How Can You Really Tell Transmit From Receive?
    Analog or Digital: Which is Best?
    A Byte About Bi-directional Parallel Protocol
    About Optical Isolation
    Bird Tests Transient Propagation Theory
    Questions and Answers on Transient Surges
    X.25 Basics
    What? DCE and DTE for Ethernet?
    The Basics of Bandwidth

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