Rauland Ametek: District-Wide Communication, Event Management & Emergency Notification Integrated with Traditional or Hybrid PBX Platforms

Rauland use SmartNodes to integrate PBX platforms into a modern, integrated district-wide Critical Communication system based on SIP.

The Problem
Rauland Ametek delivers complete and seamlessly integrated communication solutions for Education, designed to keep facilities and district-wide personnel, informed, communicating, and safe while focused on learning.

The system is modern and fully based on IP/SIP. Rauland needed to ensure that traditional PBX systems could still be used in a normative way, but also integrated with their solution. Leveraging the Patton SmartNode, Rauland was able to do both ensuring that local paging, intercom and other services from analog PBX work with their system-wide integrated platform.

The Picture
The Telecenter U Campus Controller, together with Patton SmartNodes enable the integration of diverse systems into the Telecenter U solution.
The Solution
  • SmartNodes connects a traditional school or school system PBX to Rauland SIP-based Telecenter U Campus Controller.
  • The solution preserves local PBX functions and provides system-wide integration with the Telecenter U platform.
  • Enables routing every day communications as well as critical emergencies alerted from on or off campus triggers.
  • Enables integrated use of traditional PBX features and processes utilized by a school location.
  • Receive call-ins, with call priority and room number displays via caller ID.
  • Answering inbound local calls or calls transferred in.
  • Intercom into individual classrooms or classroom groups.
  • Live page into zones as well as school wide all page.
  • Initiate emergency responses, sequences and prerecorded audio.
The Details
The Rauland system is called Telecenter U and it connects every communication "touch point" from the district to campus to classroom, delivering district-wide event-management, everyday communications and emergency notification, through synchronized time-keeping systems and integrated networked technologies. The solution delivers easy schedule management and integrated emergency response performed quickly and easily from anywhere on the network.

Offering flexible migration paths to a comprehensive modern critical communications solution, Telecenter U leverages Patton SmartNodes to enable school systems to continue to use legacy equipment, including analog End Points and legacy Analog PBX systems, thus preserving existing infrastructure and processes. The Telecenter U Campus Controller, together with Patton SmartNodes enable the integration of diverse systems into the Telecenter U solution, providing integrated public addresses, clock synchronization, security, and access control customizable to any communications need in a facility or district.