Integrating Analog and Non-Certified IP Paging Systems to Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams

SmartNodes provide a gateway between Skype for Business and Analog and permissible interconnection of non-Certified SIP-based Paging, Intercom & Access Control End-Points.

The Problem
Microsoft Skype for Business, Office 365 and Teams are delivering Unified Communications, including audio and telephony to a growing set of customers. Existing analog and non-certified SIP Paging and Access Control End-Points need to be made to interconnect and interoperate with Microsoft in a permissible and supportable manner.

The Picture
Connect any type of standard SIP, analog or digital paging, alerting, intercoms, annunciator or access control systems to Skype for Business (Lync) for 1-way or 2-way communication.
The Solution
  • Patton SmartNode Gateways enables legacy Analog and Digital paging systems, alerting systems, intercoms, annunciators systems and access control door phones for either 1-way or 2-way communication with Microsoft.
  • Patton SmartNode eSBC allows non-compatible and non-certified voice equipment and telephone network elements to interoperate with Microsoft Skype for Business, Office 365 and the Teams Phone System.
  • SmartNodes units enable interoperability between different SIP "dialects" such as voice over TCP for Microsoft vs over UDP for most others including network providers.
  • CODEC transcoding with QoS traffic-shaping enhance in-house voice quality while optimizing utilization of the WAN connections.
  • Flexible call routing and dialed-number manipulation provides numbering-plan continuity and eases integration
  • Powered by the Patton Cloud
The Details
Microsoft Skype for Business (SfB) was formerly known as Microsoft Lync. Now SfB with Office 365 and the Teams Phone System is a platform that enables rich unified communication experiences including voice. The system is supported by a large partner ecosystem, including voice End-Point vendors; most offering SIP based desk and conference phones. These vendors are required to participate in a rigorous Certification Program to test and certify products before they can be directly connected to Skype for Business or Teams.

When adopting Microsoft for voice communication, users are asking the integrators to interconnect it to existing paging systems, alerting systems, intercoms, annunciators systems and access control door phones for either 1-way or 2-way communication.

Now we have a problem. Analog End-Points cannot be certified because SfB is a SIP based platform. When it comes to SIP based IP Paging/Access Control End-Points, very few vendors are certified because these IP End-Points must be designed specifically to support SfB since Skype does VoIP over UDP instead of TCP.

But there is a good solution available. Patton SmartNode Gateways and eSBC are certified with Lync/SfB. They can convert analog Paging Systems and End-Points to SfB certified SIP connectivity to the Microsoft environment. The units can also be used as a bridge between standard, non-compliant, SIP Systems and End-Points to interoperate with SfB.

Solving this issue with Patton SmartNodes has the added benefit of allowing re-use of existing amplifiers, speakers, specialized end-points and wired infrastructure. In the case of standard SIP based systems, using Patton SmartNodes also means these devices can be addressed by SfB together with other SIP based communication platforms.