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How to debug a SmartNode using PuTTY?
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1) Open PuTTY. (download link:

2) Click 'Window' and set 'Lines of scrollback' to '9999999' 

3) Enter in IP address of SmartNode and hit 'Save'.  (Be sure the connection type is Telnet or SSH)

4) Then click 'Open' to start Telnet session.

5) Once logged in and an “enable” has been entered, paste the debug commands into PuTTY by right-clicking on PuTTY.  Once enabled, place the appropriate test calls.

6) Type 'no debug all' to stop debugging.

Once you have the debug log, please COPY/PASTE into a text file and email If you do not copy/paste to a text file, all formatting will be lost in the body of the email.


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