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Knowledgebase > Unified Communications > SmartNode > SmartMedia > SN10K

Reset the Host Role and change Internal IP Addresses on the SN10k
Article Id #: 469

Resetting the Host Role

(Software version 2.8 or greater)

If you need to change internal IP addresses, you must reset the host role settings of the unit.  To reset the host role, do the following:

1- Click “Hosts” in the navigation panel and select the serial number of the unit.

2- On the next screen, click the “Status” tab and under the Host Control “Action”, select “Reset Host Role” and then “Apply Action”.

3- The SN10k will now reset its role back to the default and when you access it via the GUI again, it will walk you through the steps for initial setup.  Select “Continue” to start the setup process.

4- On the next screen, you will select if this unit will be deployed as a “Stand-alone” or “1+1” system.  (If stand-alone is selected, you will not have the option to set the internal IP Addresses as they are only used in the +1 setup.)  Once this is chosen, select “Continue”.

5- Now select if this is the “Primary” or “Secondary” unit and select ”Continue”.

6- If you are going to get the configuration and packages from an existing secondary unit, select “Yes” otherwise, select “No” and then “Continue”.

7- Now you can change the internal subnets here by clicking the “change internal subnets” link at the bottom.

8- Here you can change the subnets to fit your network.  Once changed, select “Continue”.


Allowed Subnet ranges:

- -

- -

- -

- -


9- Confirm that the information is correct and then select “Continue”.

10- The SN10k will now update and make the changes made above.  Once it is completed, you will see the normal login screen.



To verify the IP Settings, login to the GUI and select “IP Interfaces” from the menu.  Here you will see the new IP Address set for both VLAN710 and VLAN711.



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