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How to configure Mitel 3300 with Smartnode FXS port
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The below screenshots shows how Mitel 3300 needs to be configured.

Below is the Smartnode configuration where

# Smartnode IP=
# Mitel Ip =
# SIP Account 8998

context ip router

  interface eth0
    tcp adjust-mss rx mtu
    tcp adjust-mss tx mtu

context ip router

context cs switch

  routing-table called-e164 RT_from_FXS
    route .T dest-interface SIP
routing-table called-e164 RT_from_SIP
    route 8998 dest-interface SIP
  interface sip SIP
    bind context sip-gateway GWSIP
    route call dest-table RT_from_SIP

  interface fxs FXS00
    route call dest-table OUT
    caller-id-presentation mid-ring
    subscriber-number 8998

context cs switch
  no shutdown

authentication-service AS
  username 8998 password 8998     

location-service LS

  identity-group default

    authentication outbound
      authenticate 1 authentication-service AS

    registration outbound
      register auto

  identity 8998 inherits default
    registration outbound    
context sip-gateway GWSIP
  interface ifsip
    bind interface eth0 context router port 5060
context sip-gateway GWSIP
  bind location-service LS
  no shutdown

port ethernet 0 0
  medium auto
  encapsulation ip
  bind interface eth0 router
  no shutdown

port fxs 0 0
  encapsulation cc-fxs
  bind interface FXS00 switch
  use profile fxs us
  no shutdown
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