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Patton VoIP News | February 2010


Introducing the SmartNode™ 5200 – Enterprise Session Border Router

888VoIP - Patton Webinar on Configuring SN4110 series Analog VoIP Gateway with 3CX

SIP Trunking Whitepaper

Tech Spot: Can my SmartNode do Enterprise Class IP Routing?

Song Phat Gets Converged Business Communications 
Thanks to Patton's Viet Nam Team

WHAT YOU MISSED in the previous editions

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first issue of Patton VoIP News for the year 2010. 

In this edition we showcase the new SN5200 Session Border Controller. In addition we bring to you a whitepaper on SIP trunking and its benefits


In the Tech Corner we have a look at how SmartNodes can act as your IP router and be your Integrated Device for both your Voice and Data needs.


Hope you enjoy reading this version of the newsletter. Thanks for reading!

Pranav Desai

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Introducing the SmartNode™ 5200 – Enterprise Session Border Router

by John Wu


SmartNode 5200 ESBR

If you are an IT manager, you instantly become a company hero when you introduce a new feature rich IP-PHONE on everyone's desk.  However, the same fame brings with it the immense pain of ensuring that the Enterprise Telephony solution you just deployed is secure. This requires configuring the firewall or the Edge Router to let all VoIP signaling pass through securely. Soon you realize your legacy firewall is not SIP (VoIP) aware. Thus you open yourself to the prospect of keeping all the VoIP related firewall ports open which beats the purpose of having a firewall in the first place. Such headache will often make you wonder if there is a single integrated solution designed to ease your task (and your headaches).  Well, the new Patton Enterprise Session Border Router SN5200 is the perfect solution to this problem. read more]


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888VoIP - Patton Webinar on Configuring SN4110 series Analog VoIP Gateway with 3CX  

by Pranav Desai


SmartNode 4110 series

Please join 888VoIP store and Patton on Wednesday, March 3, 2010 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST for an in-depth look at the Patton SN4110 and how to configure them with the popular 3CX platform.
This webinar will teach you how to do standard configurations as well as go under the hood to talk about some advanced features and common troubleshooting tasks.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

Register here for the Webinar


SIP Trunking - Whitepaper
by Pranav Desai

SIP-powered VoIP Telephony is paving the way to the new world of Unified Communications. For traditional PBX systems as well as state-of-the-art all-IP telephony implementations, SIP trunking connects today’s enterprises to the cost-savings, streamlined operations and rich-featured communication that Voice-over-IP offers. Read on to find out why SIP Trunking is right for you and how you can integrate the savings and the value added features that SIP trunking brings within your Enterprise.

 Download icon indicates Adobe PDF file  More White Papers



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Tech Spot: Can my SmartNodes do Enterprise Class IP Routing 
by Pranav Desai

So you made a smart choice and bought a SmartNode. With your IP telephony needs planned, you ask yourself, do I really need another router at the Enterprise Edge? Can my SmartNode not work as an Enterprise IP Router instead? Of course it can. Even though Cisco and other high end routers are ideal Carrier Backbone devices the costs don’t justify deploying these in small to medium sized Enterprise Edge scenarios. SmartNode is your one stop Integrated Access Device.

But don’t take my word for it. Lets take a look at a scenario, where an Enterprise needs features like IP routing (static or dynamic), VRRP (optionally to connect to multiple ISP’s) and of course advanced features like Policy Based Routing, Access lists, Nat etc. As you can see the basic setup below, adding a router doesn’t lend you any additional benefits. The SmartNode can function as your Router and fulfill all your Enterprise Routing requirements. [read more]




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Song Phat Gets Converged Business Communications
Thanks to Patton's Viet Nam Team

by Glendon Flowers 

Photo of Bao Quoc Le, Sales Director, Song Phat

Mr. Bao Quoc Le
Song Phat

Visionary. With a customer base including telecom, banking, and enterprise sectors, Song Phat is a pioneer in leveraging VoIP technology to reduce monthly expenses and improve operational efficiencies. Bao Le, sales director for the systems integrator, was among the first in Viet Nam to visualize...  >>full story icon indicates Adobe PDF file

Local presence was a key factor in selecting a VoIP supplier. Most vendors add per-ticket charges or require paid support contracts. Yet Mr. Le knew his people could pick up the phone, and Patton's local team of support engineers would...  >>read more icon indicates Adobe PDF file

Seamless. According to Mr. Le, ""Patton performed an excellent job. Headed by Mr. Bao Vo, the Asia Pacific team integrated...our network in the utmost seamless manner...  We experience great voice quality and..."  >>read more icon indicates Adobe PDF file

Get the full story...  
  • Download the newest Patton RealityCheck® Success Story [get it!]

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WHAT YOU MISSED in the first edition of Patton VoIP News

How-to: Configure SIP trunking on SmartNodes
The trunking registration capability in Patton's SmartWare™ allows each trunking IAD to us a single SIP address...  [read more]

The new "high precision clock" SmartNode models
The new models eliminate interoperability failures with DECT, PBX and FAX equipment when converting ISDN systems to IP telephony. Where would you want to use them?  [read more]

How-to: Register SIP phones with your SmartNode
Up to three SIP phones can now be registered on every SmartNode, without the need for an additional license. How do you register a phone? Take these steps...  [read more]

Introducing the new SmartNode™ SN4400

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