SmartWare 3.10 - Now SmartNode is Even Smarter
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Patton's DownStreamQoS™. Patton introduces DownStreamQoS™ in SmartWare release 3.10 for SmartNode. The new feature enhances VoIP calls by improving the clarity of incoming voice. When data floods your downstream line, DownStreamQoS™ can throttle incoming data to ensure time-sensitive voice traffic gets through to you promptly. Patton SmartWare for SmartNode now includes both DownStreamQoS and upstream QoS to deliver consistently clear voice in both directions.

Standard Upstream QoS. Though not all vendors offer it, SmartNode has always included upstream QoS as a standard feature. Upstream QoS improves voice quality for the other side of your VoIP call by transmitting your voice traffic at a higher priority than data. Applying upstream QoS at both ends of the call improves voice quality for both users. Yet upstream QoS still leaves you vulnerable to downstream data surges. During large file downloads you may hear voice quality degrade.

More Control. Some Internet providers may offer services similar to DownStreamQoS™—at a price.
SmartWare release 3.10 combines upstream QoS with DownStreamQoS™ to reduce your dependence on the service provider. Now SmartNode gives you local control over total voice quality—with no added monthly fees.

Only Dreaming? Some say that consistent high-quality voice with VoIP is a dream. Yet Patton's DownStreamQoS makes your VoIP call sound clean and clear—like traditional telephone lines. When you implement SmartWare 3.10 at all your VoIP sites you make consistently clear voice quality a reality in your network.
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