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15 August 2004
SmartWare™ 3.10 - Now SmartNode Is Even Smarter 
SmartNode Saves Time, Money & a Priceless Employee
Patton Kicks Network Services Up a Notch
Special Offer - 1/2 Price SmartNode!
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SmartWare Release 3.10 - Now Patton SmartNode is Even Smarter
Now with DownStreamQoS™ & SIP Call Signaling, Patton's SmartNode Gateways Give Packet-Voice Networks an Even Higher IQ
Photo of SmartNode VoIP/ToIP Solutions with DownStreamQos & SIP
Intelligence. Now, with SmartWare release 3.10, Patton SmartNodes make your VoIP network even smarter. The new software includes DownStreamQoS™ and SIP call signaling, plus improved routing, new call features, and more. Release notes...

Get Yours Free. As always, current Patton SmartNode customers can download the software upgrade... FREE!

Hear the difference. Now you can simultaneously surf the web, get media files, or download email while making free phone calls over the Internet—and not miss a word. With DownStreamQoS™ from Patton, incoming speech doesn't "break up" when  data traffic surges. Patton is among the first to offer packet-voice solutions with downstream Quality of Service (QoS). The feature gives incoming voice traffic priority over data, so you always hear the other speaker clearly. More detail...

Future-proof. Early VoIP devices use H.323 for call-setup & signaling. Yet SIP is fast-emerging as the preferred protocol in present and future packet-voice networks. Patton now supports both protocols, so you can rest assured your SmartNode solution will interoperate with legacy and state-of-the-art devices and services today. And as the future unfolds, your SmartNode will remain compatible with the fully-converged voice-data networks of tomorrow.

Learn more about improving communications with SmartNode solutions in your small or home office, corporate enterprise or carrier-provider network. Order your VoIP Solutions Guide*, visit, or contact Patton sales.

*expected release August 2004
Patton Kicks Network Services Up a Notch                    Design * Integration * Deployment * Maintenance
Need help with your network? Call on Patton's Global Solutions Group. Patton's expanding services organization provides system engineering, installation, operations and maintenance for voice, data, and integrated networks.

Director Benham Malcom leads the group in building multi-vendor systems for carriers, ISPs and corporate enterprises.

Recently Patton designed and deployed a complete access network for Monarch Communications, a new Internet Service Provider in Nigeria, West Africa.

To request services, send email to or contact your regional Patton representative.

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RealityCheck - SmartNode Saves Time, Money and a Priceless Employee
She was history. Even though she loved her job, her employer, and her workmates, Patton accountant Ursula Schottman had taken a new job closer to home. . . 

[Later] "Patton's VoIP Solution is family friendly!" Ursula said. "It's made our lives easier." full story...
Application Drawing showing equipment in Ursulas Home Office in Harpers Ferry, WV
Key Solution Benefits
• Avoid Costly Turnover
• Increase Productivity
• Reduce Administrative Overhead
• High-Quality Voice
• Happier Workers

Find out how SmartNode wrote the happy ending to this story. Read the whole Patton RealityCheck
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Photo of SmartNode Model 4110 Series
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Photo of SmartNoded Model 2400
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