Warranty Services

Patton provides a broad range of global support, professional, maintenance, warranty and training services from 14 offices and 7 Technical Assistance Centers. This world-class support organization is staffed with accomplished application and network engineers, hardware and software engineers. A variety of packages empower you to tailor our services to fit exactly, and only, what you need, from basic telephone and email support to full installation, deployment and operation via standard or customized SLAs.

Warranty Services 
Patton offers a standard 1 year warranty on all products free of charge. Patton will repair or replace any unit under warranty. Warranty services may be Extended and Enhanced for a very small fee. With an Enhanced Warranty you don't pay return shipping costs and Advanced Replacement units are shipped overnight.

Warranties Description Repair or Replace Extends Free Basic Support Expense Free Software Maintenance Advanced Replacement
Patton offers a standard warranty of 12 months from the date of original shipment. View the Warranty language. Free
The standard warranty can be extended for up to 5 years from the date of original shipment, extending Free Support and Software Maintenance. Free
(Patton pays shipping 1-way
The enhanced warranty adds a "spares" service. An advance replacement is shipped next-day priority, should you have a hardware failure. Free
(Patton pays all shipping
* Enhanced Warranty is not available as a standard service for Edge/Core Carrier Network Equipment, including the SN10K Series. Please consult our Support & Service Guidance for Edge/Core Carrier Network Equipment.

Order Codes:

Customer Premise Equipment:
Extended Warranty SKUs Enhanced Warranty SKUs

Edge/Core Carrier Network Equipment:
     SVC-WTE-10100 - Warranty Extension, 1 Year, for SN10300
     SVC-WTE-10200 - Warranty Extension, 1 Year, for SN10200
     SVC-WTE-10300 - Warranty Extension, 1 Year, for SN10300 (1 ELEMENT)
     SVC-WTE-3120 - Warranty Extension, 1 Year, for the RAS 3120
     SVC-WTE-3125RC - Warranty Extension, 1 Year, for the RAS 3125RC

Out of Warranty Repair
Out of Warranty repairs are provided at a fixed fee. Units damaged by lightning, power surges, water, and similar destructive causes may not be repairable and may require replacement.

Out of Warranty Repair:
     SVC-REPAIR - Out of Warranty Repair
     SVC-OOWR-SN10K - Out of Warranty Repair, SN10K Series

Warranty Service Tools:

Click here to Check Your Product Warranty Status, Get an RMA or Check your RMA Status.

Before returning any product to Patton, please read our Return's Policy and Return Instructions.

Before returning any SN10K series product to Patton, please read our SN10K Return's Policy and Return Instructions.

To purchase Warranty Services, please email sales@patton.com

Sales: sales@patton.com / +1 301 975 1000
Support: support@patton.com / +1 301 975 1007
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