Warranty Service and Customer Returns (RMAs)


Click for 1-year Warranty  PDF Patton Electronics is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer and our products are carefully tested before shipment.  All of our products are backed by a warranty program.

Our Warranty To You
Patton Electronics warrants your product to be free from physical defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1-year from the date of the original shipment. If you discover a defect covered by this warranty, we will repair or replace the product at our option using new or refurbished components.

Product Failures Not Covered by this Warranty
This warranty covers defects in manufacturing that arise from the correct use of the device. It is limited to defects in materials or workmanship and does not cover damage caused by abuse, misuse, unauthorized modification, lightning or power surge damage, extreme heat or cold, and corrosive environments. The warranty also does not cover the normal wear and tear on covers, cases, housing, connectors, and accessories. The warranty does not apply to any product with a missing, altered, or defaced serial number.

Limits of Liability
If these products fail or do not perform as warranted, your sole recourse shall be to repair the product as described above. We will not be liable to you or anyone else for any damages that result from the failure of this product. These damages include, but are not limited to, the following: lost profits, lost savings, lost data, damage to other equipment, and incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of or inability to use this product. Express or implied warranties are disclaimed. IN NO EVENT WILL PATTON BE LIABLE FOR MORE THAN THE AMOUNT OF YOUR PURCHASE PRICE, NOT TO EXCEED THE CURRENT LIST PRICE OF THE PRODUCT.

Patton Electronics specifically disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied, and the user shall deem the installation or use of this product an acceptance of these terms.

How to Obtain Service Under this Warranty
RMA Numbers are required for all product returns by doing one of the following:

  • By completing a request on the RMA Request Page  (Best method)
  • By sending an e-mail to returns@patton.com
  • By calling 301-975-1007 and speaking to a Technical Support Engineer

Once a Patton Technical Support Engineer verifies you have a hardware problem that requires you to return your product, you will be provide with an RMA number. You must acquire an RMA number and deliver the defective unit to Patton in order to obtain service under this warranty. A sales receipt may be required to verify the original retail purchase. All returned units must have the RMA number visible on the outside of the shipping package. You must either use the original packing or pack the unit securely to avoid damage during shipping. Return Authorizations are valid for 30 days after the RMA number is issued. The warranty commences on the day of shipment to the end customer. Verifiable proof of this date of shipment from an authorized Patton seller including the related serial number must be presented. If such proof is not available or lacks plausibility, the warranty commences on the date of shipment from Patton.

Shipping Instructions
The RMA number should be clearly noted on the address label.  Ship your product pre-paid to Patton at the address below.

 Patton Electronics Company
 RMA#: xxxx
 7622 Rickenbacker Dr. 
 Gaithersburg, MD 20879-4773   USA           

Credit processing may take several weeks after the units are received. Repairs are generally completed in less than two weeks.

Shipping Costs

Warranty Repairs - The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the product to Patton Electronics. If the product is covered and repaired under warranty then Patton will pay to ship the product back to the customers return address. Patton will not pay any custom clearance fees or duties.

Out of Warranty Repairs - If the product is not covered under warranty the customer is responsible for all shipping costs. Patton will not pay any custom clearance fees or duties.

Enhanced Warranties - Patton will pay for shipping of advanced replacement of any device covered under an Enhanced Warranty. Patton will also pay to have the defective unit shipped back to Patton Electronics. Please contact Technical Support for details and shipping authorization numbers.

Enhanced Warranty & Advance Replacements
Click to learn about Enhanced WarrantyEnhanced warranty and advance shipments are available for purchase for most products. Enhanced Warranty provides a 5-year warranty coverage and advance replacements. If your hardware requires repair, we will priority ship you a spare unit.

Out of Warranty Service
Patton services everything we sell; no matter how you acquired it. We also repair damaged products that are no longer under warranty. Our products have a flat fee for repairs, so we can typically provide you with an accurate quote. Units damaged by lightning, power surges, water, and similar destructive causes may not be repairable and require replacement. Repairs are generally completed in 1-2 weeks.

Sales: sales@patton.com / +1 301 975 1000
Support: support@patton.com / +1 301 975 1007
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