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VoIP Routers and more from SmartNode

VoIP Routers from SmartNode deliver state-of-the art VoIP technology that integrates seamlessly with existing POTS and ISDN infrastructures. By combining voice gateway and Internet-access router functions in a single unit, Patton VoIP routers streamline your network architecture for simpler, lower-cost VoIP networking. Proven interoperability with all major brands of softswitches and IP PBXs makes it easy for carriers and enterprises to deploy future-proof VoIP systems quickly and profitably today. Powerful access router capabilities include QoS and traffic shaping for highest voice quality. Patton’s VoIP routers feature the SmartNode™ Unified Communication Agent™ (UCA) that provides any-to-any multi-path switching (simultaneous SIP, H.323, ISDN, and POTS calls with routing and conversion between TDM/PSTN and IP/Ethernet networks—plus T.38 and SuperG3 FAX) combined with dial-backup and IP-link redundancy for VoIP and data survivability. The UCA includes VoIP-over-VPN security with encrypted voice via IPsec with AES/DES strong encryption and automated keying via Internet Key Exchange (IKE), plus SIP Registrar for presence/reach-ability. SmartNode VoIP routers scale from 1 to 120 VoIP or fax calls with all industry-standard telephony interfaces including analog FXS & FXO and digital ISDN BRI & PRI.

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Analog VoIP Router with 2-8 FXS/FXO ports

SmartNode 4520
The SmartNode 4520 VoIP Gateway-Router supports up to 8 FXS or FXO telephone connections. It combines voice-over-IP (VoIP) with advanced Quality of Service (QoS) and full Internet access and security features to provide best-in-class service and voice quality.

Analog VoIP Router with 12-32 FXS/FXO ports

SmartNode 4400
Cost-effective analog VoIP-router solution connects 12 to 32 analog phone, fax or PSTN trunk lines to your IP environment.

BRI So Digital VoIP Router with 3 or 5 ports

SmartNode 4630
Award-winning SmartNode™ 4630 BRI So VoIP Router delivers business-class Internet telephony for demanding ISDN users with 3 or 5 BRI ports for up to 4 or 8 concurrent VoIP or T.38 fax calls.

Enterprise PRI/T1/E1 ISDN VoIP Router

SmartNode 4980
IP-enable legacy PBX systems with the SmartNode 4980 PRI VoIP Router. Supports up to 120 concurrent VoIP calls. This VoIP Gateway with built-in IP Router connects any PBX system with advanced IP telephony services and the PSTN.


Teach Me: What is a VoIP Router?

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A Voice-over-Internet-Protocol Router (VoIP Router) is a networking device that combines voice gateway and Internet access router functions in a single unit. VoIP routers offer several benefits for carriers, enterprises, and small-office/home-office users. By reducing the number of devices required to implement Internet telephony, VoIP router technology simplifies network architecture and lowers the costs of implementation, operation and maintenance. An intelligent business-class VoIP router can incorporate quality-of-service (QoS) mechanisms in the access router software. For example, SmartNode VoIP Routers utilize Patton’s DownStreamQos™ that dramatically improves overall voice quality by differentiating and managing data traffic versus voice traffic on the Internet access link. A VoIP Router can also provide enhanced security, leveraging such technologies as VoIP-over-VPN to protect the privacy of VoIP communications.


Help Me: VoIP Routers Technical Help

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Patton offers an extensive online library of technical information to help you get your SmartNode VoIP router up and running in a jiffy. Patton’s web-based FAQs, configuration notes, and application notes provide the detailed knowledge you need to install, configure, troubleshoot and maintain your Patton VoIP router. And these helpful resources are all free right here on Patton stands behind our high-quality VoIP Router products—world-renowned for set-it-forget-it reliability and stability—with live email and phone support plus lifetime downloadable software updates absolutely free of charge.
VoIP Routers: SmartNode VoIP Gateway-Router Products
SmartNode 4400 IpChannelBank Analog VoIP Router
Low-Cost IpChannelBank Analog VoIP Router | 12 to 32 FXS or FXO ports
SmartNode 4520 Analog VoIP Router
Analog VoIP Router | 2 to 8 FXS/FXO ports & 2 Ethernet ports
SmartNode 4630 BRI So Digital VoIP Router
ISDN BRI So VoIP Router | 3 or 5 BRIs & 2 Ethernet ports
SmartNode 4660 Hybrid VoIP Router
ISDN-POTS VoIP Gateway Router | 2 to 8 BRIs, up to 8 FXS/FXO & 4 Ethernet ports
SmartNode 4980 PRI ISDN VoIP Router
Enterprise PRI/T1/E1 ISDN VoIP Router | 15-to-120 calls

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