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Discover the Patton Cloud
August 21, 2018 | 45 minutes
Co-Sponsor: 888VoIP
We want to talk to you about the new Patton Cloud, a user friendly service that facilitates deployment and operation of Patton devices. Patton Cloud will be the central point of access for all Patton devices in your network, and the central platform for new services and network functions. Patton Cloud is a pay-as-you-go service (per device, per year) with no up-front investment or NMS integration required.

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Ateliers Techniques Patton en Français sur gamme VoIP SmartNode
August 30, 2018 | 60 minutes

Créer ses propres Wizards
Automatiser ses configurations
Démonstration provisioning & MAJ logicielles sur Patton Cloud

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Ateliers Techniques Patton en Français sur gamme VoIP SmartNode
September 27, 2018 | 60 minutes

Configurer la continuité de service (survivability) et le backup 4G

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Recent OnDemand Webinars
Discover the Patton innovations 2018

We want to talk to you about CHANGE. Change at Patton, change in our industry and the new, innovative and competitive technologies and services Patton is now bringing forward to the market.

Product Change Notice SN4970/80/90

Product Change Notice SN46xx

Driving new revenue with CopperLink Ethernet Extenders

How to sell CopperLink Ethernet Extenders. Sales training for Patton resellers and channel partners. Presented by Johnnie Grant III, Prduct Manager & Jennefer Grant Staub, Account Manager.

Closing your Leads: Training for New Channel Partners
14 minutes

We want to help you pull in the deal! That's why we are providing this training for you on the Patton lead management portal. As the end user leads come in you can seamlessly work on them...

Introduction to FiberPlex
45 minutes

Now more than ever, fiber-optic technology makes sense! Replacing existing copper infrastructure can reduce spending by future-proofing your inside and/or outdoor cabling plant. Fiber-optic solutions can deliver gains in network protection, reliability, and longevity, while accommodating the ever-increasing demand for more bandwidth. Let us introduce you to the FiberPlex brand of cutting-edge optical communications equipment for AV, Telecom, Security, Industrial/SCADA, and SATCOM applications.

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