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ISR Routers: What is an IP Router?

An IP router, ISR router, or network router, is a networking device that forwards information between digital networks. The acronym "ISR" stands for integrated service router. The acronym "IP" stands for Internet Protocol, the de facto standard for modern network communication. All information (data) is encapsulated into small segments, called packets, for transmission between devices. The IP router receives packets from one network and determines where to send each packet in order to reach the correct destination device or end user.

A business router (also called a WAN router, ISR Router, or Access Router) connects users within the business to the outside world over the Internet. For businesses or non-profit organizations, the IP router is positioned between the enterprise Local-Area Network (LAN) and the Wide-Area Network (WAN) operated by an Internet service-provider (ISP). Service providers typically refer to the device as a CPE router. A business router that provides remote employees with highly-secure access to the internal company network using virtual-private network (VPN) technology is known as a VPN router. Tunneling techniques and IPSec encryption provide secure connections between users within the organization.

Many businesses still connect to the Internet via a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) service using a traditional T1 or E1 line. A T1 Router or E1 Router, sometimes summarized as T1/E1 router, provides Internet access as well as IP routing functionality for businesses that subscribe to T1 or E1 service from a telecom carrier (Telco).

A Dual-WAN router, also known as a Dual-Band router, may address the requirements of businesses that need high-availability (HA), "always-on" Internet service. By providing two WAN interfaces (ports) connected to different service providers, Internet connectivity is assured in case one of the access links or ISP networks fails.

A Bonding Router (sometimes called a band-width-on-demand router) provides reliable high-speed router service by combining multiple access links (3G/4G, WiMAX, LTE, VSAT, WiFi, Ethernet) into a single broadband access link with very high availability.

A DMZ router is positioned in a "de-militarized zone" between the corporate firewall and the service-provider network to provide an additional layer of security to the enterprise LAN.

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VPN Router

SmartNode 5300 - VPN Router
SmartNode 5300
By connecting your enterprise data endpoints and IP-PBX or Unified communications system to an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP), the SN5300 creates a single conduit for voice, video, and data VPN tunneling and IPSec encryption ensure the security of all information streams.

Dual WAN Router

OnSite 2620 - Dual WAN Router
OnSite 2620
This dual-band router provides two software configurable T1/E1 WAN-access interfaces. E1 configuration supports G.703/G.704 with HDB3 and AMI encoding. T1 configuration supports ANSI T1.403 & AT&T TR54016 with AMI coding/D4 framing or B8ZS coding and ESF framing.

WAN Router

OnSite 2603 - WAN Router
OnSite 2603
This single-port network router is a high-speed, small-businesses router. IP features include NAT/NAPT, firewall, and DHCP. Configurable FR/PPP/IP WAN protocols support a wide range of WAN services. A built-in CSU/DSU supports full and fractional T1/E1 services.

Business Router

BODi rS BD004 - Business Router
BODi rS BD004
The BODi rS business router is a VPN bonding router that load balances Internet traffic across wired, wireless and satellite network-access links. The BD004 provides reliable Internet connectivity with WAN bandwidth optimization across all available links. Businesses can scale total available bandwidth by adding or removing connections as needed while giving priority to lower cost links as demand allows.

Teach Me: IP Router Applications

Common IP Router Applications

VPN Router: Voice and data over Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) G.SHDSL connection

In this application, the Internet router doubles as an enterprise session border controller (eSBC). Because the VPN router also provides an integrated G.SHDSL WAN port, it could also be classified as an integrated access device (IAD) or WAN router. In this example, a single CPE device provides the business with secure VPN routing, SIP-normalized voice-over-IP processing, and integrated EFM WAN-access.

Bonding Router: aggregated bandwidth on demand with load balancing

The bonding router bonds up to 7 internet router connections into a single broadband channel with load balancing among all active channels. The bonded link stays up even when one or more connections fails.

T1/E1 Router: WAN access via PSTN service

The T1/E1 Router can be configured for either T1 or E1 access to the PSTN. Headquarters and branch offices can communicate with each other using their respective PSTN access links.

Dual WAN Router with Drop and Insert: WAN access for voice and data

The Dual WAN router provides redundant WAN access links to separate ISP services to ensure High-Availability Internet connectivity for business continuity.

IP Router Terminology
Short Glossary of Related Acronyms
IP - Internet Protocol
WAN - Wide Area Network
LAN - Local Area Network
VPN - Virtual Private Network
PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network
ISP - Internet Service Provider
CPE - Customer Premise Equipment
IAD - Integrated Access Device
EFM - Ethernet in the First Mile
DMZ - Demilitarized Zone

IP Router Synonyms
Business Router
VPN Router
DMZ Router
Access Router
WAN router
Dual WAN Router
Dual Band Router
CPE Router
T1 Router
E1 Router
Network Router
Modem Router
Router Modem
Bonding Router


Help Me: IP Router Technical Help

Patton offers an extensive online library of technical information to help you get your ISR router or IP router up and running in a jiffy. Patton's web-based FAQs, technical notes, and user manuals provide the detailed knowledge you need to install, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain your Patton IP Router solution. And these helpful resources are all free on www.patton.com. Patton stands behind our high-quality business-router, dual-WAN router, VPN-router, and bandwidth-on-demand bonding-router products-with live email and phone support plus lifetime downloadable software updates absolutely free of charge.
IP Routers
OnSite, 2603
High Speed T1/E1 Bridge, Router and NTU
OnSite, 2620
High Speed, T1/E1 Dual-Port WAN Router with Drop & Insert
OnSite, 2621
Low-cost X.21 WAN Access Routers
OnSite, 2635
Low-cost V.35 WAN Access Routers
OnSite, 3086
G.SHDSL Router-Modem with Serial WAN & Ethernet Interfaces
OnSite, 3201
2.3 Mbps, G.SHDSL Router
OnSite, 3241
4.6 Mbps, G.SHDSL Router
SmartNode, VSN
Virtual CPE: Software SBC, IP Access Router and VPN Server
Bonding Routers
OnSite, 3241
4.6 Mbps, G.SHDSL Router
OnSite, BD004
High Availability Bonding/Balancing Routers
OnSite, BD1000
High Availability Bonding/Balancing Network Appliance
OnSite, OS3300
G.SHDSL.bis Wire-Bonding EFM Router
SmartNode, VSN
Virtual CPE: Software SBC, IP Access Router and VPN Server
Ethernet Converged CPE/IAD Products
SmartNode, SN5300
eSBC + Router + IAD | Up to 60 SIP Sessions with optional G.SHDSL
SmartNode, SN5490
eSBC + Router + IAD | Up to 60 SIP Sessions with optional G.SHDSL, ADSL/VDSL, X.21, Fiber
SmartNode, SN5530
eSBC + Router | 2 to 8 BRI ports for up to 16 simultaneous phone or fax calls
SmartNode, SN5540
eSBC + Router | 2, 4 or 8 analog ports for up to 8 phone or fax calls
SmartNode, SN5550
eSBC + Router | 2FXS/2S0 or 4FXS/4S0 ports for up to 8 phone or fax calls
SmartNode, SN5570
eSBC + Router | 1 or 2 T1/E1/PRI interface for up to 30 simultaneous phone or fax calls
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