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OnSite OS3300 G.SHDSL.bis Wire-Bonding EFM Router

Pair bonding support of up to 4 twisted-pairs (8-wire), multiple bandwidth options, and strong software suite makes the Patton OS3300 the ideal integrated access device (IAD) for service providers looking to replace E1/T1 service with high speed Metro Ethernet E-Line, E-LAN, or E-Tree services over copper.

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Patton’s Model 3300 is a cost effective G.SHDSL.bis EFM IAD capable of achieving over 22 Mbps symmetrical line rates. The OnSite 3300’s are the ideal choice for providing internet access to bandwidth hungry small to medium size offices, wireless backhaul, Metro Ethernet, even LAN to LAN extensions.

The OS3300 is cable of bonding from 1 to 4 pairs to increase overall bandwidth. Each pair is capable of up to 5.7 Mbps. The ability to configure both pair bonding allows both service providers and business to choose the best available rate vs. reach options available. The OS3300 can be set to auto rate mode, which will allow the OS3300 to automatically select the best rate achievable or manual fixed line rate mode. The OS3300 supports different rates on the pairs of a bundle. The traffic remains in case of line-faults, as long as at least one pair of a bundle is operating.

QoS configurations ease the bandwidth management of ports and applications through the creation of QoS classes and profiles. Traffic can be shaped and policed to provide full QoS control over both the egress and ingress directions.

ToS bits can be re-striped to ensure network-wide QoS enforcement. VLAN priority bits can be used for QoS enforcement.

Stateful Firewall inspection of traffic is accomplished through the creation of Access Control Lists (ACLs) that enable the filtering of traffic based on numerous criteria including source and destination IP address, port and protocol.

Logical and physical ports are selectable for bridging or routing. Advanced IP features such NAT/NAPT and VLANs are likewise configurable on a per port basis. Bridged traffic can be tagged and prioritized according to user defined parameters.

The OS3300 offers easy installation, CLI configuration via Console/VT-100 or Telnet/SSH, and HTTP web based management, and SNMP. Patton's series of high-speed access IADs offer the versatility and reliability demanded for business-class applications at the most affordable price.
OS3301: 1 Pair (2-wire)
5.7 Mbps
11.4 Mbps
15.3 Mbps
OS3302: 2 Pair (4-wire)
11.4 Mbps
22.8 Mbps
30.6 Mbps
OS3304: 3 Pair (6-wire)
17.1 Mbps
34.2 Mbps
45.9 Mbps
OS3304: 4 Pair (8-wire)
22.8 Mbps
45.6 Mbps
61.2 Mbps

The EFM bonding over copper wires provides the ability for transmitting high bandwidth data through multiple pairs over existing copper lines. EFM is an effective replacement for E1/T1 and a solid alternative solution to costly fiber. For long reach service, the G.SHDSL.bis enables the delivery of symmetrical high speed rates of 5.7 Mbps per pair.
OnSite™ OS3300 application diagram

OnSite™ OS3300 application diagram 2

OnSite™ OS3300 application diagram 3

  • Bandwidth Rich—Bond up to 4 twisted pairs to achieve the desired rate and reach:
  • Operates Over Twisted Pair or Cat5+—Near fiber speeds without the cost of new cable or fiber installations or the hassles of wireless line of site.
  • Connects Point-to-Point or to-DSLAM—The OS3304 can be used either back to back or with any G.BIS compliant 3rd party or Patton DSLAM.
  • Auto Rate Adaptation Supported—Will automatically select the best rate vs reach combination available based on a per wire basis.
  • Stateful Firewall Inspection—Stateful firewall inspection is accomplished through ACLs that filter by source and destination IP address, IP port and protocol.
  • VLAN Tagging—VLAN tagging and processing is configurable on Ethernet port.
# Model # Description Availability
1 OS3301/4ETH/EUI OnSite EFM 2 Wire IAD; 4 x 10/100; 100-240VAC Special Order

2 OS3301A/4ETH/EUI OnSite EFM 2 Wire IAD; 4 x 10/100; 1 x USB 2.0; 100-240VAC General Availability

3 OS3302/4ETH/EUI OnSite EFM 2-4 Wire IAD; 4 x 10/100; 100-240VAC Special Order

4 OS3302A/4ETH/EUI OnSite EFM 2-4 Wire IAD; 4 x 10/100; 1 x USB 2.0; 100-240VAC General Availability

5 OS3304/4ETH/EUI OnSite EFM 2-8 Wire IAD; 4 x 10/100; 100-240VAC Contact us for Availability

6 OS3304A/4ETH/EUI OnSite EFM 2-8 Wire IAD; 4 x 10/100; 1 x USB 2.0; 100-240VAC General Availability


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