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Ethernet Extenders from Patton CopperLink

Ethernet Extenders from Patton take long-range Ethernet farther & faster than ever. Use Patton's award-winning CopperLink™ Ethernet extenders to extend Ethernet services to your users located far beyond standard Ethernet distance limitations. You can even extend long-range Ethernet up to 5 miles (8 km) over a single twisted pair. Patton's Ethernet Extenders operate over single twisted-pair, Cat 5e/6/7 or coaxial cable so you can use existing infrastructure. Achieve near-fiber speeds over common copper cable--avoiding the cost and delay of installing new fiber. Whether your application requires long-range (noise tolerant or high-speed (short-range) Ethernet extension, CopperLink offers an ideal solution.

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Managed Ethernet Extender

CopperLink 2300
The CopperLink 2300 offers the best bandwidth and distance combination in the CopperLink product line. Speeds in excess of 22.8 Mbps symmetrical at distances of 2 miles (3.2 km) are possible due to Patton’s pair bonding which supports up to 4 individual twisted-pairs (8-wire) or just a single Cat 5 or higher rated cable.

Ultra-High-Speed Copper Ethernet Extender

CopperLink 1214
Achieving downstream line rates up to 168 Mbps over single twisted-pair, Cat 5e/6/7 or coaxial cable, Patton’s CopperLink™ Model 1214 Ultra-High-Speed Ethernet Extender is the fastest CopperLink™ ever.

Ruggedized Multi-Drop Ethernet Extender

CopperLink 1314MDE
Use the CopperLink 1314MDE Multi-Drop Ethernet Extender to interconnect and daisy chain multiple remote networks and network enabled devices up to 3.4 miles (5.5 km) or more apart using single-twisted-pair cabling.

PoE Ethernet Extender

CopperLink 1101
Energize your existing cable plant today with Patton’s new CL1101 PoE Extender. A pair of CL1101 Ethernet Extenders will enable 10 or 100Mbps of Ethernet & Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) to be passed over your existing twisted pair(s) or coaxial cables. Realize the many benefits of Ethernet with little to no downtime, construction or infrastructure related expenses!


Teach Me: What is an Ethernet Extender?

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Ethernet extenders allow users to expand their Ethernet connections beyond the 328-foot (100-meter) Ethernet distance limitations. Ethernet extenders can establish long-range, high-speed data communication links between geographically separated LANs or LAN devices. Ethernet extenders are often employed to connect workgroups on different floors within a building.

The Benefits of Ethernet Extenders
One benefit of Ethernet extenders is they can eliminate the need for installing expensive Switches and Cat 5 cable. Ethernet extenders can use fiber-optic or copper twisted-pair cables to transparently send packets at full-line rate to a peered LAN up to 5 miles (8 km) away. While networks typically deploy Ethernet extenders within a limited geographical area, this area need not be limited to one building. Ethernet extenders can create effective bridged-Ethernet connections across streets or over a college or enterprise campus and between Ethernet LANs up to five miles apart.

Ethernet extenders are cost-effective alternatives to more complicated and pricey wiring installations such as Cat 5 cable. Ethernet extenders are plug-and-play devices that you can install quickly to take advantage of existing copper twisted-pair network infrastructure. Depending on the required data rate, some Ethernet extender models can increase the distance of an Ethernet link extension beyond 5 miles (8 km).

At Patton, we offer a wide range of award-winning Ethernet extenders to serve your networking needs, including both copper and fiber models. Our auto-rate adaptation feature ensures the highest speed possible across great distances. Unlike many LAN extenders, Patton extenders with auto-rate adaptation can be set for multiple data rates and require no difficult configuration when connecting to LANs at different distances.


Help Me: Ethernet Extender Technical Help

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Patton offers an extensive online library of technical information to help you get your CopperLink Ethernet extender up and running in a jiffy. Patton’s web-based FAQs, technical notes, and user manuals provide the detailed knowledge you need to install, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain your Patton Ethernet extender. And these helpful resources are all free right here on Patton stands behind our high-quality Ethernet extender products—world-renowned for set-it-forget-it reliability and stability--with live email and phone support plus lifetime downloadable software updates absolutely free of charge.
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