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Patton Operates a fully integrated state-of-the-art design, engineering and electronic production center in Maryland providing end-to-end turnkey development and manufacturing services of technology.


Electronic Manufacturing

Hardware and Software Design & Engineering Services

Prototyping, Alpha and Beta Testing

Value Engineering

Supply Chain Management


US Drone Manufacturing
A UAV had a bench-built prototype of a game-changing Drone and sought assistance from a US Manufacturer to further develop the drone platform. Patton delivered Value Engineering services including design for manufacturability, selection and integration of replacement flight control and avionics systems towards US sources. Patton was able to upgrade the design and perform turnkey manufacturing of the platform for volume deployment.
Secure Communication End Points for Defense and Intelligence
Patton Electronics engineered COTs phones modifications to secure them against microphonic breaches. Electrical signals can be transmitted, making conversations vulnerable to eavesdropping. The projects included after-market adaptation of standard telephones, the design, development, and manufacturing of US Made secure telephone end instruments as well as obtaining government lab certifications.
Deep Packet Inspection Probes
Patton was tapped by a major US Telecom company to design and manufacture a high volume next-generation deep packet inspection probe to facilitate analytics services volumes. Patton developed and manufactured several variations of the probe with increased memory, more processing power and the ability to handle the latest protocols. Our Logistics Services enabled the service provider to outsource warehousing and fulfillment including automated configuration, provisioning and end user delivery.