Special Projects Group | Services & Capabilities
Project management, R&D, product development, network & systems design, integration, manufacturing & logistics services.
Rugged, Industrial Design
Complete packaging solutions: design, prototype, fabricate, and assemble electronics for your environment:
  • Cost effective materials and processes for your volume
  • All-weather environments
  • Rugged mobile, portable, and fixed gear
  • Heat management and extended temperature operation
Manufacturing and Deployment
Complete electronic assembly, distribution and support at your disposal:
  • 98 - 99% first-pass yield
  • 100% optical inspection
  • Efficient use of raw materials
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Complete fulfillment services
  • Returns and replacement services
Environmental Hardening
Does your latest business opportunity leave you wondering if your product can take the heat? Have Special Projects design and build a ruggedized version of your gear that can handle the extremes. Your application determines the mix of hardening protecting against:
  • Temperature extremes
  • Moisture extremes
  • Shock
  • Vibration
  • Particulates
  • External pressures
Original Design, Manufacturing and Distribution (ODMD)
Your brand in more markets around the world! Special Projects can help design and/or manufacture products that carry your brand:
  • World-wide distribution
  • Support and service
  • Network of global offices and partners
Network Implementation
Our network designers create topologies that extend your services and manage challenging scenarios. Leverage Patton communications technologies such as:
  • CopperLink Network Extenders
  • BODi Balancing and Bonding Wireless Routers
  • Rugged EnviroNet and other connectivity products
  • SmartNode Voice over IP Gateways and Routers
Upgrade aging services. Enable Internet of Things architectures. Add smart sensors across wired or wireless facilities. Provide redundant backhaul for your data stores. Have your data analytics talk back to your sensors and create an adaptive sensor grid. Let us help with the communications technologies.
High Volume Capacity and Low Volume Capability
Not all products are created equal. Niche products, new products, products with long, complex sales cycles. These all need a manufacturer who can mix high volume capacity with low volume capability. Your product may require flexible scenarios that can handle:
  • Design, manufacturing, distributions, logistics and reporting
  • Long, complex sales cycles
  • Low volume ODMD
  • Estimated annual usage in the 100s
  • Minimum order quantities as low as 1
  • Level 1/2/3 support
  • Ramping up to large volume production
Hardware Design
Complete hardware realization from concept to manufacturing including:
  • Optimized for cost, size, and power
  • General purpose and system-on-chip processors
  • Processor and memory architecture
  • Hardware development
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Feasibility and cost analysis
Embedded System Design
Complete project solutions: scope, schedule, design, and develop complete embedded solutions including:
  • Hardware/software tradeoff
  • Rugged, reliable hardware
  • Real-time software
  • Sensor integration
  • Wireless and wired communications
  • Power management
  • Feasibility and cost analysis
Product Validation
Complete laboratory for software and hardware product validation spanning needs analysis, design of test, module and functional test, fault identification and reporting:
  • Independent verification and validation
  • Verify product specifications
  • Validate that the intended applications are satisfied
  • Confirm good user experience
Software Design
Complete software lifecycle from definition to prototype, design, iteration, and verification including:
  • Comprehensive IP communications protocols
  • Embedded real-time Linux, C/C++
  • Wide choice of pre-integrated hardware platform
  • Feasibility and cost analysis
Project Management and Program Management
Make a feasibility study the Phase 1 of your project. Understand the scope of your project better with cost analysis, budget development, a project plan, and key team/resource assignments. Make an informed go/no-go decision to proceed with full Phase 2 development. We understand how to manage the continuum from product design to manufacturing to customer support:
  • Complete project management
  • Or choose selected services a la carte
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