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ipRocketLinkô Model 3086 G.SHDSL Router-Modem with Serial WAN & Ethernet Interfaces

Get any-to-any connectivity with the Model 3086 ipRocketLink, and offer 2-wire standards-based transmission with TDM, WAN, and Ethernet/IP for fast, dedicated, always-on access.

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--Image: Made in USA --
  • nx64 Speeds to 2.3/4.6 Mbps (4.0 Mbps on T1/E1 models)—User-selectable data rates for Sync-Serial, WAN, or Ethernet/IP ports. Use as a standalone or with the ForeFront Access system
  • Choice of V.35, X.21, or T1/E1—Get the right interface with the right connector and avoid messy adapter or crossover cables
  • Built-in Ethernet/IP Router Standard—With Patton's FlexIP architecture, split the bandwidth and use both interfaces at the same time
  • Get ATM, PPP, and Frame Relay—Versatile interface options allow for simple deployment into any network environment
  • Interoperable with Third-Party DSLAMs—Take advantage of Patton reliability whether you connect back-to-back or to a third-party DSLAM.
  • LEDs and Full V.52/V.54 Diagnostics—Easy-to-access toggle switches let you test the link with built-in test modes. LEDs provide clear status at-a-glance
  • WWW/SNMP Manageable—Built-in VT-100 console port makes setup a snap, and you can use the embedded HTTP/SNMP agent to manage the Model 3086 from anywhere in the world.
The Patton Model 3086 ipRocketLink IAD redefines access and sets the new standard for customer premise equipment. Based on European Telecommunications Standardization Institute (ETSI) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) G.SHDSL G.991.2 standard, the Patton 3086 ipRocketLink enables 2.3/4.6 Mbps speeds (4.0 Mbps on T1/E1 models) at nx64 (n=1..36/72) over a single pair of wires while combining standards-based transmission with TDM(V.35, X.21, or T1/E1), Ethernet, and high speed IP routing...all in one compact package.

With Patton's FlexIP™ architecture, the Model 3086 offers a V.35,X.21, or T1/E1 interface and 10/100 Ethernet ports. The Ethernet port enables access to any IP network via ATM, PPP, or Frame Relay while the TDM port transparently carries traffic to a data or voice network. Both interfaces can be simultaneously selected with user-defined bandwidth for each port.

The 3086 boasts easy installation with DIP switch, Telnet, and WWW/SNMP management. It provides bridging and routing functionality, along with advanced IP features like NAT and Firewall, and optional IPSec-based VPN. As part of Patton's family of ipDSL products, the Model 3086 offers a complete, managed, end-to-end system when used with Patton's central site access concentrators.

*Frame Relay encapsulation over DSL for Ethernet traffic is supported with the purchase of a separate license key.*


While Frame Relay remains the most economical service to connect multiple corporate locations over PVCs (Private Virtual Connections ) at burst and fixed data rates, high-speed DSL is becoming the technology of choice for last mile access to FR networks.Patton's Model 3086 is the flexible and economical customer premise solution to provide direct FR and IP connectivity for small and medium size branch offices.

# Model # Description Availability
1 3086/RIC/48 G.SHDSL IAD W/V.35(M34)+ETH,48VDC Contact us for Availability
2 3086/RID/48 G.SHDSL IAD W/X21+ETH; 48VDC Contact us for Availability
3 3086/RIK/48 G.SHDSL IAD w/ETH+E1(RJ45/BNC) -48VDC Contact us for Availability
4 3086/RIK/EUI G.SHDSL IAD w/ETH+E1(RJ45/BNC) EXT 120-220 VAC Contact us for Availability
5 3086/RIT/EUI G.SHDSL IAD w/ETH+T1(RJ45) EXT 120-220 VAC Contact us for Availability
6 3086FR/RIC/EUI G.S IAD V35/M34+ETH; FRF-5&FRF-8, EXT 120-220 VAC PWR SUPPLY Contact us for Availability
7 3086FR/RIC/UI G.S IAD V35/M34+ETH FRF-5&FRF-8, INT PWR 120-220 VAC Contact us for Availability
8 3086FR/RICA/EUI G.S IAD V35/DB25+ETH FRF-5&FRF-8; EXT PWR 120-220 VAC Contact us for Availability
9 3086FR/RID/EUI G.S IAD X.21/DB15+ETH, FRF-5&FRF-8; EXT PWR 120-220 VAC Contact us for Availability
10 3086FR/RID/UI G.S IAD X.21/DB15+ETH, FRF-5&FRF-8, ; INT PWR 120-220 VAC End of Life-Notice
11 3086FR/RIK/48 G.SHDSL IAD; G.703/G.704 + ETH; FRF-5&FRF-8; EXT PWR 48VDC (3rd party compatible) Contact us for Availability
12 3086FR/RIK/E48 G.SHDSL IAD; G.703/G.704 + ETH; FRF-5&FRF-8;48V EXT PWR Contact us for Availability
13 3086FR/RIK/UI G.SHDSL IAD; G.703/G.704 + ETH; FRF-5&FRF-8; INT PWR 120-220 VAC (3rd party compatible) Contact us for Availability
14 3086FR/RIT/48 G.SHDSL IAD; T1 + ETH; FRF-5&FRF-8; EXT PWR 48VDC (3rd party compatible) Contact us for Availability
15 3086FR/RIT/EUI G.SHDSL IAD; T1 + ETH; FRF-5&FRF-8; EXT PWR, 120-220 VAC (3rd party compatible) Contact us for Availability
16 3086FR/RIT/UI G.SHDSL IAD; T1 + ETH; FRF-5&FRF-8; INT PWR, 120-220 VAC (3rd party compatible) End of Life-Notice



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