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OnSite 2621 Low-cost X.21 WAN Access Routers

Patton's IPLink WAN Gateway Routers are complete all-in-one network-access devices that make it easy to make routed or bridged connections between your IP/LAN and any T1/E1, X.21, or V.35 network interface.

The Models 2603, 2621, and 2635 Gateway Routers are the ideal solution for connecting any small to medium enterprise or remote office to an IP/Internet network using standard telco and WAN interfaces.

Combining ease-of-use with a full suite of LAN/WAN routing features, the IPLink routers provide selectable bridging or routing functionality along with advanced IP features such as NAT/NAPT, Firewall, and DHCP. A complete set of configurable FR/PPP/IP WAN protocols allow a wide range of choices when connecting branches via common WAN services. The IPLink Routers boast easy installation offering Console/VT-100, Telnet, and HTTP/SNMP management options.

All IPLink routers come with an auto-sensing full-duplex 10/100Base-T Ethernet port, cross-over switch, and internal power supply. The Model 2603 is equipped with an integrated T1/E1 CSU/DSU for connection to full and fractional T1/E1 services. The Model 2621 is equipped with an X.21 interface, and the Model 2635 comes with a V.35 interface.

Patton's new series of high-speed routers offer the versatility and reliability demanded for business-class applications at the most affordable price.


Why use our IPLink Series Routers?
Patton's IPLink Gateway routers deliver all the advanced features for secure, reliable, and high speed Internet data connections. They combine ease-of-use with powerful data routing to make shared Internet connectivity simple and easy.

With NAT support, the IPLink routers offer convenient and economical operation by using a single IP address while the integrated DHCP server automates IP address assignment for connected LAN computers. Security is standard with built-in firewall and violation alerting features that protect the network from would-be intruders.

Available with such standard WAN sync-serial interface as V.35, X.21, T1, E1, the IPLink series gives you the right interface needed for your WAN service.

Patton stands behind our products-we are the only company in the industry offering free configuration support, free technical services, and a minimum one-year warranty on all our products.

  • V.35, X.21, or T1/E1 WAN interfaces—Get the WAN interface you need in industry-standard connectors
  • PPP and Frame Relay —Versatile WAN options enable deployment into any network. Use routed IP or Bridged Ethernet for transparent networking. Bridge passes VLAN tagged frames (no VLAN tagging within the 2603/2635/2621)
  • NAT/NAPT, Firewall, DHCP —Powerful routing features make shared Internet connectivity simple and secure.
  • 10/100 Ethernet with MDI-X—Easily connect to any computer or LAN—the built-in communication crossover switch eliminates messy configuration cables.
  • WWW/SNMP Manageable—Built-in VT-100 console port makes setup a snap, and you can use the embedded HTTP/SNMP agent to manage the IPLink routers from anywhere in the world.


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