Support & Service Guidance - Edge/Core Carrier Network Equipment

Support & Service Guidance - Edge/Core Carrier Network Equipment 
Edge/Core Carrier Network equipment, including the SN9K, SN10K and SN11K Series have different policies, requirements and recommendations compared to Patton CPE and enterprise communications products. Patton's commitment to our carrier and large enterprise customers includes a blend of required and recommended professional services itemized in every quote or proposal.

Standard Services Package - Support, Warranty, Spares & Software Maintenance.
The SN9K, SN10K and SN11K Series require a mandatory Service Package purchased with all new hardware sales.

The Service Package includes standard 9x5 support for the device with a response time of 8 hours. The warranty covers hardware repair/replacement including Advanced Replacement, while the software maintenance provides access to software upgrades and security patches. Customers are to access support via email at if a problem arises.

Please use one of the following SKUs when ordering the Standard Service Package.

SVC-WTE- 11000/500B
SVC-WTE- 11000/2500B

24x7 SLA Support Services. Patton SmartCare Premium Support addresses the high-end service requirements of telecom carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISP), and other organizations that need guaranteed response and resolution times or evening and weekend service. We guarantee the response and remedy times according to a customizable SLA. With SmartCare Premium Plus (24x7), you will get a custom priority support email address. 24x7 SLA Support Services include the Standard Services Package, which is added to the order at zero charge to activate warranty and software maintenance services.

Please reference order code SVC-SmartCare-24/7 when ordering or consult our page on SmartCare Support Services.

Mandatory Professional Services. The SN10200 requires the purchase of a minimum of 2 days of SmartAssist Professional Services and the SN10300 a minimum of 5 days. Patton Certified Channels, who are Authorized Installers of the SN10K, are not required to order the minimum Professional Services. Patton recommends the purchase of customized Services and Support SLA's for the installation of Edge/Core equipment. Rates and service vary on the size and complexity of the installation.

The level of Professional Services needed is driven by the size or complexity of the system. Systems can be loosely categorized as Small, Medium, and Large. The table below presents typical engagements for each size.

Small Medium Large
1 to 5 SN9K or SN10100 units 6 or more SN10200 units SN10300 units

Service Small Medium Large Units
Pre-sales Architecture Design Service 4 hours 8 hours 16 hours SVC-NETENG-HOUR
Pre-configuration and Staging Test at Factory (per unit) 4 hours 4 hours 8 hours SVC-SmartAssist-BH
Installation Support 4 hours 4 hours 8 hours SVC-SmartAssist-BH
Training (not including travel costs)   4 hours 8 hours SVC-NETENG-HOUR
Audit of Configurations     8 hours SVC-NETENG-HOUR

Please email for details on project planning and customization of services. Please reference order code SVC-SmartAssist-BH when ordering the minimum required Professional Services or consult our page on SmartAssist Professional Services.

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Support: / +1 301 975 1007
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