Professional Services

Patton provides a broad range of global support, professional, maintenance, warranty and training services from 14 offices and 7 Technical Assistance Centers. This world-class support organization is staffed with accomplished application and network engineers, hardware and software engineers. A variety of packages empower you to tailor our services to fit exactly, and only, what you need, from basic telephone and email support to full installation, deployment and operation via standard or customized SLAs.

SmartAssist Professional Services 
Patton offers Professional Services for all kinds of projects and a la carte support and services. From Network Design to Training, Patton can craft a menu of services to insure your success. Contact us for an expert, customized quote.

Pre-sales Architecture Design Service
Let us analyze your needs and design a system to your performance, security and maintainability requirements. Timeline and budget benefit by learning early.

Pre-Configuration Service
Speed deployment with a customized "pre-configuration" installed in your units at the factory. You get a 'Plug n Play' solution out of the box.

Staging, System Test, Configuration Audit and Rack & Stack Services
We assemble your system and test all devices, power supplies and cables as a working system before it leaves the factory. Or we install and verify it all in your datacenter. Either way, you get complete documentation, photographs and test records.

Remote Configuration Service
Patton can configure your devices remotely. You get expert-confirmed installation.

WebWizard Customization
Patton can create a specific Web Wizard to help streamline your deployment. Contact us to get a custom configuration

Onsite Support and Installation Services
Patton can be there. You get onsite configuration and troubleshooting.

Customized Training
Patton can deliver custom or semi-customer training at your locations. Training specific to the subject-matter, technology and products gives your team the knowledge they need to deploy systems and services.

Support by the Hour
Patton offers a la carte technical support and services to fit any category. Whether during business hours or after hours, your tickets get priority to insure issues get resolved and downtime is minimized.

Ongoing Quality Monitoring
Network conditions may change over time. We can monitor your equipment and detect critical problems as well as long-term, adverse trends, notify operators and stakeholders and devise corrective actions.

Order Codes:

SVC-SmartAssist-BH Business Hour Support Services
SVC-SmartAssist-AH After Hours Support Services
SVC-NETENG-HOUR Network and Solution Engineering hourly rate

To purchase SmartAssist Professional Services, please email

Sales: / +1 301 975 1000
Support: / +1 301 975 1007
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