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Benham Malcom to Lead Patton’s Global Solutions Group


Patton Press Release - Benham Malcom to Lead Patton’s Global Solutions Group
GAITHERSBURG, Maryland -- Patton Electronics, an industry leader in network access and connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce Mr. Benham Malcom as the leader of their expanding Global Solutions Group. Patton has a long history integrating their own solutions with third-party gear. Mr. Malcom’s mandate is to build a cohesive operating unit leveraging Patton’s 20-plus years experience delivering those systems integration services.

As Director of Global Solutions, Benham will build multi-vendor networks for Patton’s carrier, ISP and enterprise customers. Patton Global Solutions provides a complete range of system-level services for wire-line and wireless networks, including engineering, installation, staging, testing, turn-up, operations, and maintenance.

With 20 years of data-communications and systems-integration experience, Benham brings a wide breadth of experience to the Patton team. Serving in large service-provider organizations such as GE Information Services, Sprint, Telia and others, he has held direct responsibility for IP, ATM, Asynch, dial, and SNA networks, as well as developing applications in both mainframe and client-server environments.

In the late 90’s, Benham led Sprint’s IP Engineering team through a season of unprecedented growth. During that period “SprintLink” grew from a DS-3 to a 2.5Gbps dense-wavelength backbone and Sprint “Dialnet” grew from 58,000 to over 300,000 dial ports. Malcom also participated in the Sprint/WorldCom merger as the lead technical member of Sprint’s data-networking team.

Having served Telia Internet as Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Benham understands the challenges facing IT, Customer Service and Operations organizations, and offers hands-on problem-solving experience.

As Vice President of Engineering at the start-up Rivien Communications, Benham developed the company’s technical roadmap. He then staffed the organization, and implemented his plan, ultimately realizing the corporate vision-- delivering integrated voice and data services in the CLEC market.

At GE, Benham both led and participated in developing and integrating SNA, X.25, Asych, Dial and IP networks for corporate and customer applications. He graduated Cum Laude with a B. S Business /Management Information Systems from Old Dominion University.

“I’m excited about joining the Patton team and launching this new group,” says Benham. “What really attracted me to Patton is their solid reputation and management team. In recent years this industry has been a roller-coaster ride, yet Patton has remained consistent, delivering high-quality products for more than 20 years running. We’re building on Patton’s extensive product line and solid network of loyal business partners. I’m confident our new group will offer customers an exciting new suite of capabilities.”

About Patton 

Patton Electronics Company is a US manufacturer and marketer of data communications products, including VoIP/ToIP gateways & routers, Remote Access Products (V.92,V.90, K56Flex, V.34+, and ISDN dial-in), Last Mile/Local Loop Access Products (T1, E1, and xDSL modems, NTUs and CSU/DSUs), Multi-Service Access Products (Voice, Intranet, Extranet, and Frame Relay access), and Connectivity Products (interface converters, short range modems, Multiplexers, and data line surge protectors). Patton Electronics is an ISO 9001 certified and BABT approved manufacturer. Patton products are CE marked. 

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