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Patton Launches a Global Solutions Organization


GAITHERSBURG, Maryland -- Patton Electronics, an industry leader in network access and connectivity solutions, announces their Global Solutions Group.

The newly-established services organization will design, build and implement wireline and wireless networks worldwide. Patton Global Solutions expects to offer a full range of deployment services including engineering, installation, staging, testing and turn-up.

Patton has several large telecom-network deployments under their belt. During the 20 years since their inception, Patton’s business has grown from a datacom products manufacturing operation, into a mature network solutions vendor that is capable of delivering end-to-end voice and data communications systems. As Patton products have become increasingly interoperable with those of third-party industry peers, carrier and enterprise customers have grown to rely on Patton to provide more services, more often. The new Global Solutions Group acknowledges Patton’s transformation, and formalizes their entry into the Telecommunications and Network Solutions & Services arena.

“We want our customers to rely on us for help as they build their next-generation networks—whether broadband access networks, multi-service data backbone networks, ISP systems, or VoIP infrastructure networks,” said Bobby Patton, President of Patton Electronics. “To accomplish this goal, we are fully engaging the capabilities of our world-wide network of local partners.”

“Our customers will continue using our products in new and creative ways to meet their business needs,” said Burt Patton, Executive Vice President. “Our new Global Solutions organization is focused on helping our customers—making them more successful as they select, integrate and deliver business solutions that merge Patton equipment with third-party systems and services.”

Patton has been integrating their solutions with third-party gear for 20 years. The Global Solutions Group will build on that wealth of experience, applying Patton’s integration expertise to the demands of total systems design—offering a one-stop shop for fully-integrated business solutions. Patton plans to mobilize their international sales organization and their network of 300+ local partners to immediately offer their Global Solutions services worldwide.

About Patton

Patton Electronics Company is a US manufacturer and marketer of data communications products, including VoIP Gateways & Routers, Remote Access Products (V.92, V.90, K56Flex, V.34+, and ISDN dial-in), Last Mile/Local Loop Access Products (T1, E1, and xDSL modems, NTUs and CSU/DSUs), Multi-Service Access Products (Voice, Intranet, Extranet, and Frame Relay access), and Connectivity Products (interface converters, short range modems, Multiplexers, and data line surge protectors). Patton Electronics is an ISO 9001 certified and BABT approved manufacturer. Patton products are CE marked.

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