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Implementing Microsoft Lync into small and medium businesses’ (SMBs) existing networks can be challenging, especially when essential network elements or sub-systems are not compatible or certified with Lync. Such equipment, software and services may include:

• Non­-Compliant SIP Phones
• Non­-Compliant IP PBX
• PSTN Lines
• Analog Phones
• ISDN Phones
• Fax

Many SMBs want to install Lync but cannot afford the costs of replacing their existing non­compatible equipment with new Lync­-certified equipment. Meanwhile, some organizations are just not ready to leave their trusted PSTN lines behind.

Patton offers a “gateway to Microsoft Lync” for companies facing such challenges.Patton's SmartNode VoIP Gateway are Microsoft Lync Certified. That gives any enterprise the ability to connect otherwise non­compatible SIP endpoints, PSTN lines and legacy telephony to the Lync unified communications environment.



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Patton achieved Microsoft Lync certification for SmartNode VoIP gateways in June 2012. In this podcast, Tyler Delin, Product Manager, explains how SmartNode provides the SIP to Lync gateway for all your voice systems.
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SmartNode: the gateway to Lync

image of webinar video Gateway to Lunc

Certified by Microsoft, SmartNode can inter-connect all your existing voice and data elements in a Lync based unified communications system. Lync-enable legacy and IP-based phones, faxes, PBXs, etc. SmartNode is The Gateway to Lync.

What are the benefits of implementing Microsoft Lync Solutions using Patton's SmartNode VoIP gateways, IADs, and Enterprise Session Border Routers (ESBR)? How do you set it all up? Learn all that and more in this educational webinar.

About Microsoft Lync:
Microsoft® Lync™ and Microsoft® OCS server usher in a new connected user experience that transforms every communication activity into an interaction that is more collaborative and engaging—accessible from anywhere. For IT staff, the benefits are equally powerful. The highly secure and reliable system works with existing tools and systems for easier management, lower cost of ownership, smoother deployment and migration, and greater choice and flexibility.

SmarNode product descriptions

•  1 to 8 FXS/FXO Gateway SmartNode 4110 Series
•  1 to 8 FXS/FXO Gateway-Router SmartNode 4520 Series
•  12 to 32 FXS/FXO Gateway  SmartNode 4300 Series
•  12 to 32 FXS/FXO Gateway-Router SmartNode 4400 Series
•  1 or 2 BRI (TE) Gateway SmartNode 4120 Series
•  1 or 2 BRI (NT or TE) Gateway  SmartNode DTA Series
•  3 or 5 BRI Gateway-Router SmartNode 4630 Series
•  12 BRI/FXS/FXO Gateway-Router  SmartNode 4660 Series
•  1 or 4 T1/E1/PRI Gateway   SmartNode 4970 Series
•  1 or 4 T1/E1/PRI Gateway-Router SmartNode 4980 Series
•  ESBR (32 SIP-SIP without transcoding)   SmartNode 5200
•  ESBR (up to 64 SIP-SIP with transcoding and 192 SIP-SIP without transcoding) SmartNode 5480 Series

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