Patton-Inalp Joins Triple Play Alliance, Promotes Multi-Vendor Interoperability

In the Munich Triple Play Lab, Patton-Inalp SmartNode™ VoIP equipment interoperates with solutions from 15 other companies in live data, voice, and video applications.

SmartNode™ VoIP... more than just talk

BERN, SWITZERLAND: Patton-Inalp Networks—creator of the SmartNode™ brand of industry-leading VoIP technology solutions—has expanded their longstanding interoperability program by joining the Triple Play Alliance.

The Triple Play Lab (Dormach, Germany) showcases Patton-Inalp’s VoIP CPE interoperating with solutions from 15 other hardware and software vendors and service providers.

“You can’t make a triple play by yourself,” said Andreas Danuser, CEO of Patton-Inalp. “We are honored to be selected for this all-star team. Extreme Networks, Avaya, Fujitsu, Siemens, all the players— they need our technology expertise. . .Voice-over-VPN , DownStreamQoS, voice-data survivability. . . and we need theirs.”

Founded in 2005, the Triple Play Alliance works to accelerate the global development of triple-play (data/voice/video) technology and services. Member companies combine the full range of competencies required to execute triple-play services: consulting, infrastructure, VoIP CPE, switching, applications, and OSS.

“The alliance is a natural fit for us,” said Ramon Felder, President of Patton-Inalp. “As a member of the global technology community we’ve always supported the standards. We were early with SIP, for example. We were early with IPsec voice encryption, and our SmartNode was among the first VoIP CPEs with IGMP support for triple-play. The alliance formalizes some key relationships, yet we’ve been doing triple-play for a long time. We’ve been doing interop since the beginning."

Since inception, Patton-Inalp has aggressively pursued multi-vendor interoperability for their SmartNode™ and SmartLink™ customer-premise VoIP equipment. Now, the multi-national manufacturing firm has linked arms with 15 other companies to eliminate barriers to worldwide triple-play service deployment. Currently, Patton is working on a large commercial triple-play deployment with a major customer in Central Europe. In the USA, an integrated, end-to-end triple-play monitoring system is currently underway.

Since its April 2006 inauguration, the triple play lab has provided a live test and demo environment that promotes multi-vendor operability for converged broadband services, including IP telephony, streaming audio-video, IPTV, video-on-demand, and other real-time applications.

During 23-25 October, the Triple Play Lab will host the 2007 EMEA Channel Summit for Patton-Inalp’s distributor and reseller partners.

About Triple-Play Alliance
The Triple Play Alliance (TPA) is an association of industry-leading vendors and service providers. The TPA was formed in 2005 with the goal of globally advancing the development and deployment of triple play network solutions and technologies. Currently, the TPA’s member organizations include aarenet, Avaya, Fujitsu-Siemens, CDS, Kerpen, ADVA, ca, COMPTEL, Power Plus Communications, Schroff, Extreme Networks, Patton-Inalp Networks, translumina.netWORKS, FLUKE networks, WISI, ZyXEL. For more information, visit

About Triple-Play Lab
Operated by the Triple Play Alliance, the Triple Play Lab is a vendor-independent interoperability laboratory. The lab specializes in convergent network solutions for data, telephony, broadband and audio-visual services, including television, video on demand and streaming video, as well as other real-time applications running on a single converged network. Vendors and user companies can utilize the laboratory to test and demonstrate various triple play scenarios in a real-world environment. For more information, visit

About Patton-Inalp
Inalp Networks was founded in 1998 to design, develop and market advanced Internet Protocol (IP) based multi-service platforms that allow the combined offering of voice, video and data services over the same networks. Patton Electronics, Co. (Maryland, USA) and Inalp Networks AG (Berne, Switzerland) joined forces 2002 to produce and market the SmartNode™ brand of advanced VoIP products. Patton-Inalp Networks AG is a VoIP competency center and Europe-Middle-East-Africa (EMEA) sales organization for the Patton brand of products.

About Patton

Patton is a multinational organization that manufactures communications equipment for carrier, enterprise, and industrial networks worldwide. Incorporated in 1984, Patton’s catalog of more than 1000 products includes the SIPxNANO™ ultra-miniature IP-PBX, SmartNode™ and SmartLink™ VoIP solutions; ForeFront™ multi-service access infrastructure solutions (T1/E1, G.SHDSL, xDSL, dial-up); IPLink™ CPE solutions (WAN routers, modems, remote access servers, NTUs, CSU/DSUs); CopperLink™ Ethernet Extenders; EtherBITS™ device servers; EnviroNET™ industrial-networking equipment, network-connectivity Micro-Products (interface-converters, etc.), and more.

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