Full-Stack Web Developer
Be part of building the future of telecommunications at Patton. You design and implement new features for our cloud-based device management platform. The platform primarily manages Multiservice VoIP gateways and routers (SmartNode, with device provisioning, feature-license distribution and troubleshooting facilities. You have the opportunity to contribute to the frontend GUI, the backend business logic, operations of the cloud infrastructure and/or functionality on the devices themselves.

Our Offering
You will join a small and flexible team of experienced software engineers. Our extensive daily knowhow exchange allows you and us to progress and learn quickly. Owing to our practice of agile software development methods you will be able to drive growth with ideas and execution. Your software is actively being used by hundreds of customers worldwide. We have a flexible work environment, which lets all of us balance family and other interests, with work. We offer 24 days of vacation and another 12 paid holidays that can be shuffled around. Financial benefits include a bonus based on company performance.

Your Skills
We use various languages/technologies in our software platforms. We are looking for people who have a streak of excellence. Other than passion for what you are doing there is no need to be an expert in every area:
  • Sound knowledge of web architectures, frameworks and technologies such as MEAN, REST and microservices is highly appreciated
  • Our platform is based on Node.js and running on virtualized Linux servers and Docker containers
  • The frontend is written with Angular/TypeScript
  • The backend uses JavaScript, MongoDB and other databases and message queueing systems
  • Deployment is based on Ansible and Jenkins, experience with PaaS deployments (AWS) is welcome
  • Scripting languages like Python or Bash are used in various places
  • We use Git for software version control
  • We speak Swiss German, German, French and English. Proficiency in English is a must.
  • Recent graduates are welcome to apply
  • We favor candidates who are based in Switzerland. If you are not already living in Switzerland, please explain your plans in your cover letter.

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