Electrical / Electronic Design Engineer

Perform system- and board-level hardware design and development for Patton Electronics entire line of communications and networking products.  Develop a wide variety of digital and mixed-signal circuits for LAN and WAN networking applications using microprocessors and communication specific integrated circuits. Tasks include specification, design, schematic entry, bring-up, test and debug of printed circuit boards and systems in cooperation with layout, software and mechanical engineers.  Participate in the selection of components, bill of material generation, prototype and pilot manufacturing, design verification and regulatory compliance testing leading up to full product release, as well as maintenance of existing products.



  • Prepare electronics hardware and system specifications
  • Perform schematic entry using a complex EDA tool chain
  • Perform timing and signal integrity analysis
  • Design and bring-up microprocessor based electronics including DDR memory
  • Design and debug communication specific circuits including Ethernet, USB and DSL
  • Design and debug point-of-load buck and boost power supply circuits
  • Design for regulatory compliance safety, emissions and immunity (UL and CE)
  • Participate in PCB layout, determine stack-up, characteristic impedance, copper weight
  • Perform and document design verification testing

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