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Packed in rugged military style metal enclosures, the FOI-2990 Series extends and isolates Control Signal and Relay Contacts over fiber.

The FOI-2990 series provide electrical isolation and extension of control signals and relay closures. Multimode optics on the units can extend the distance to 2km. The units can be used in areas of high electrical noise or in and out of RF shielded enclosures. The fiber optic cable is not susceptible to interference caused by impulse noise, crosstalk, or EMI.

The units are uni-directional. The FOI-2991 and FOI-2992 can accept up to 12 individual control signals. The FOI-2991 and FOI-2992 are optical transmitters, while the others are optical receivers. Both the FOI-2991 and FOI-2992 can accept up to 12 individual control signals. The FOI-2991 can only accept a DC voltage of 0 to +5V, while the FOI-2992 can accept either a DC or AC voltage of +12 to +24V. The FOI-2993 has 12 SPST Form A relays, and the FOI-2994 has 8 SPDT Form C relays. The FOI-2993 and FOI-2994 are latching and the FOI-2995 and FOI-2996 are non-latching.

During power interruptions or failures, the relays on the FOI-2993 and FOI-2994 will hold the last commanded state until powered is restored and the relays are commanded differently, while the FOI-2995 and FOI-2996 will revert to the open state.

A typical link consists of either an FOI-2991 or an FOI-2992 at one end of the network transmitting optical signals to an FOI-2993 or an FOI-2994 at the other end of the network with a single fiber optic cable between.

FOI-2990 applications

  • Isolation and extension of Control Signals over Fiber
  • Rugged Military style enclosure with standalone and various rack and mounting options
  • Rugged metal enclosures with RFI shielding
# Model # Description Availability
1 FOI-2994-Z-ST Isolator for control signal output, 8 circuit, latching relay form C contacts (channel 8 does not latch), multimode ST optics (RX only), Power Options Sold Separately Special Order


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