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ForeFront FF6204 T1/E1 TDM-over-IP/Ethernet Over Packet Aggregation Gateway

This TDM-over-IP Gateway provides multi-service transport of T1/E1 links over IP/Ethernet, Metro Ethernet (MEF) or MPLS Pseudo-wire networks with highly reliable clock recovery mechanism to ensure reliable transmission and emulation of TDM over IP/Ethernet.

Patton’s FF6204 is a T1/E1 TDM-over-IP/Ethernet Over Packet Aggregation Gateway that supports transmission of up to 4 x T1/E1 links over IP/Ethernet, Metro Ethernet (MEF) or MPLS Pseudo-wire networks. The unit leverages a powerful processor engine that delivers highly reliable clock recovery mechanism for low jitter and wander control, even under variable network conditions.
The units are available with copper 10/100 ethernet ports and optional SFP slots supporting various optical ethernet interface options. The unit can be configured to implement 1+1 add-drop (Drop-Insert), Ethernet link redundancy (using Port Trunking / Port Bonding) and 802.1p based QoS mechanisms for network optimization.
The software is designed to optimize network usage, such that the bandwidth used on the packet network is limited to the corresponding to the number of T1/E1 ports and the timeslots that are being transported over the Ethernet/Packet network at any given time.
Convergence and Digital Transformation has not eliminated the need to support TDM services. Telecoms and Enterprises can now utilize their IP networks to offer services that emulate legacy T1/E1 connectivity. For example, the FF6204 would allow the replacement of T1/E1 microwave radio links to the replaced with low-cost wireless LAN bridges.
The FF6204 takes T1/E1 data streams and converts that to Ethernet data packets, transporting those packets over the Ethernet network with UDP / IP, MEF or MPLS headers. At the other end the unit rebuilds the original data streams putting the data packets back into T1/E1 frames using highly reliable and accurate clock recovery mechanisms. Standards-based, T1/E1 to packet and packet to T1/E1 conversion options including SAToP and CESoPSN are offered.

The unit is 19-Inch rack-mountable, taking only 1U of rack space.  It offers 1+1 redundant power supply inputs and AC and DC, or AC plus DC external supply options.  


In this application TDM-based Microwave Links are replaced with Ethernet Wireless Transport delivering T1/E1 services over wireless Ethernet networks.  Low-cost Wireless LAN bridges can be used to replace or augment TDM microwave radios for cellular backhaul.

  • TDM-over-IP & Ethernet-over-Packet - Supports CESoPSN payload mechanism to support the user configurable fractional T1/E1 with data rate of nx56/64Kbps to 2.048Mbps (DS0 timeslot level). Supports SAToP payload for full unframed transport T1/E1 as well as IETF-PWE3 (pseudo-wire) transport and IP, MPLS and MEF8 (Metro-Ethernet) tagging.
  • Flexible Clocking - Supports 4 independent T1/E1 interfaces with support for a variety of clock recovery and synchronization options including Adaptive Clock Recovery (ACLK), Recovered Clock (RCLK) / Loop-Timed Clock, Asymmetrical (One-Clock and Two-Clock) Clock, Synchronization to an External Clock (ECLK), Synchronization to an Internal Clock, Automatic clock priority selection with fall back, and Plesiochronous Clocking.
  • T1/E1 Interface Features - Supports three T1/E1 framing modes - Framed, Unframed and Multi-framed with CAS signaling. Supports network latency / packet delay variation / jitter buffer of up to 512ms. Absolute and Differential timestamps. Jitter and Wander conforms to G.823 / G.824 and G.8261 and TDM specifications. E1 local and remote loop-back (RLOOP) facility for testing and diagnostics.
  • IP Network Interface Options - Optional Optical SFP based (100Base-FX) and Electrical (100Base- T) Ethernet port. Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications based on IP addressing. Supports drop and insert applications, and 1+1 Ethernet Link Redundancy/ Redundant Link Protection.
  • QoS Signaling - Offers QoS, 802.1q and 802.1p based packet priority, Q-in-Q Tagging, Flow Control in an Ethernet Packet Networks (Regulating Traffic), Port / Customer based bandwidth allocation (Port Rate Limiting – Ingress and Egress), DSCP and 802.1Q / 802.1p based packet tagging and prioritization and MPLS, MEF and UDP tagging for Ethernet traffic.
  • In-band Management - Separate IP Addresses can be used for TDM traffic and equipment management. VLAN tagging is available for TDM traffic and equipment access/management.
  • Highly Configurable - User configurable MTU (E1oP payload) packet size up to 1500 Bytes. 802.1Q Tag based VLANs Supports 1-4095 VLAN Ids. Supports Packet priority assignment (IP DiffServ/DSCP). UDP-specific “Special” Ethernet type. In-band VCCVARP.
  • Configuration, Management & Monitoring - NMS (Network Management System) to monitor multiple units from single Central Location. Supports SNMP V2 Monitoring and Traps. OA&M Management Ports include RS232 and 10/100BaseT for In-band remote access. Management can be performed using Telnet, CLI Control Interface (HyperTerminal or VT100), SNMP MIBs File provided), and windows based GUI.
  • Alarming - Self-tests for system errors upon system bootup. External Alarm via dry contact relays available. Supports system temperature monitoring with high and low temperature thresholds alarms and SNMP Traps. Event Logging, Clock Performance Alarms, Network Performance Alarms, Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics.
  • Carrier Class - 19-Inch rack mountable in a 1U form factor with 1+1 redundant power supply inputs and, AC and DC, or AC plus DC external supply options. Rugged design with an Extended Temperature Range: (-200C to +600C), and Real Time battery backed clock with life more than 10 Years.
# Model # Description Availability
1 FF6204/2ETH/2SFP/DC T1/E1 TDM-over-IP/Ethernet-Over-Packet Aggregation Gateway with four (4) T1/E1 120-ohm RJ-45 ports, two (2) 10/100 copper Ethernet Ports, and two (2) SFP slots. Power Supplies ordered separately. Pre-Order Available
2 FF6204/4ETH/DC T1/E1 TDM-over-IP/Ethernet Over Packet Aggregation Gateway with four (4) T1/E1 120-ohm RJ-45 ports and four (4) 10/100 copper Ethernet Ports. Power Supplies ordered separately. Pre-Order Available


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