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14 November 2003
Increase Revenues & Reduce Expenses with ForeFront
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Special Offer - 16 Free G.SHDSL CPE Modems

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Convert Your Copper Lines to Cash with Patton's ForeFront CompactPCI Chassis & Model 3096RC G.SHDSL 16-Port TDM Concentrator

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G.SHDSL Concentrator Info

Carriers, PTTs, utilities, government agencies...
Now you can leverage your twisted-pair copper access lines to increase revenues & cut operating costs at the same time. By implementing Patton's Model 3096RC 16-Port G.SHDSL TDM Concentrator in a 2U or 4U ForeFront CompactPCI Chassis you can. . .

Expand your revenue base. Reach more customers & users farther away with your T1/E1-based services (voice, leased line, IP, & frame relay). Employ G.SHDSL to extend your T1/E1 lines up to four times farther
* while eliminating repeater hardware & installation expenses.

Avoid costly upgrades to core infrastructure. Patton's powerful any-to-any DS0 mapping gives you the flexibility to keep local traffic local by defining user-to-user connections at the edge of your network.

Optimize your core network by utilizing wasted bandwidth. When you position the Model 3096RC with TDM concentration in your access network, you can fully load your T1/E1 uplinks before aggregating for optical transport.

Satisfy subscribers with high-speed network access. When combined with Patton's customer premise options--the Model 3201 DiamondLink Router & Model 3086 IpRocketLink Integrated Access Device--Patton's ForeFront G.SHDSL solution delivers symmetrical data rates up to 4.6 Mbps on a single twisted pair!

To learn more about the business case for ForeFront Access Infrastructure Solutions, contact your Patton representative or email

ForeFront chassis are currently available in 2U/4-slot (Model 6276) & 4U/6-slot (Model 6476) versions. A 6U/17slot version (Model 6676) should be available soon.
* G.SHDSL can reach distances up to 30,000 ft (9.4 km).

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