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Patton Cloud CSP-C2E Cloud to Edge Service Plan

Network orchestration, tools, and micro services powering Unified Communications and IoT at the Edge/customer premise.

Free Trial The Patton Cloud is a new and revolutionary service to accelerate and aid service providers and managed service organizations (MSOs) in making the transition to converged ALL-IP networking, IoT and telephony services.

Delivering these next generation services has presented significant challenges in terms of controlling costs while assuring quality, security, manageability and flexibility. These problems need to be addressed at the edge of the subscriber’s network, especially when services are provided over-the-top. SIP Trunks, unified communications (UC), UC as a service (UCaaS) and the Internet of things (IoT) are all technically perplexing; services can be difficult to deploy with velocity, hard to secure and even more difficult to tailor to unique subscriber needs. Few Service Providers have the capability to solve these myriad of customer service issues. The net result is churn, long resolution times and expensive truck rolls. There is plenty of customer dissatisfaction and less “convergence” or “unification” of services expected by the market.

The Patton Cloud is exactly designed to solve these problems and improve the customer experiences while decreasing costs and improving provider profitability. The Patton Cloud-to-Edge Service Plans provide a centralized interface to manage, monitor, secure, alert, troubleshoot, analyze and optimize services by leveraging a SmartNode installed on the Customer Premise. When a SmartNode is connected to the Patton Cloud it provides deep insights into what is happening with connectivity, networking, quality and services traversing the WAN and subscribers LAN network. It also provides views of device status, health, call loads and much more.

Now, with the Patton Cloud, you can easily deliver remote, real-time support leveraging insightful diagnostics available at the Edge using a SmartNode. The Patton Cloud provides remote configuration, zero touch provisioning, device health, monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting, as well as mass software upgrades for efficient, cost-effective network orchestration.

The Patton Cloud also allows SmartNode devices to be controlled from the cloud for license and firmware management. That means any SmartNode CPE, powered by the Patton Cloud, can be scaled, transformed or re-purposed, by switching on new security protocols, routing protocols, TDM channels, SIP Sessions or NFV/SD WAN support.

Designed to integrate smoothly with existing network-management systems, processes, and workflows, the Patton Cloud uses a RESTful API. This means the services delivered by the Patton Cloud can be integrated with 3rd party clouds or OSS/BSS platforms.

The Patton Cloud provisions, configures and manages devices, services and solutions at the edge or point of service demarcation. It enables proactive management of devices, device licenses and configurations from any device from any location. Debugging tools together with active monitors and event triggers allow Service Providers to secure services and provides a means to proactively alert, troubleshoot, analyze, and optimize devices and the services delivered by and traversing the SmartNode. Cloud based License services empower Service Providers to proactively extend, update and upgrade services delivered to subscribers with just a few clicks.

CopperLink™ CL1314MDE application diagram

  • From The Cloud manage, monitor, secure, alert, troubleshoot, analyze and optimize Services
  • Automatically  provision services and upgrade CPE devices to support new services
  • Remotely and Securely control your access, networking and over-the-top (OTT) services at the network edge
  • Easily Upload configurations and feature licenses to deliver value-added services
  • Effortlessly Onboard new subscribers and deliver support and SLA services.
  • Converge Delivery of new voice, data and network services
  • Interoperate cloud telephony, on-premise PBX and end points.
  • Integrate with third-party clouds and OSS/BSS platforms using the Patton Cloud API
  • Select from a range of services for a low annual fee service levels.
# Model # Description Availability
1 CSP-C2E/TRIAL Trial Cloud Service Plan, 90-days full access, up to 5 devices included General Availability
2 CSP-C2E/BASIC Basic Cloud Service Plan, 12 months and up to 5 devices included General Availability

3 CSP-C2E/STANDARD Standard Cloud Service Plan, single organization, 12 months, 10 managed devices included (no max amount of devices, use CSP-C2E/STD-DEVICE to add more than 10 devices to your organization) General Availability

4 CSP-C2E/ADVANCED Advanced Cloud Service Plan, 12 months, Single-Tenant, 50 managed devices included (no max amount of devices, use CSP-C2E/ADV-DEVICE to add more than 50 devices to your organization) General Availability

5 CSP-C2E/PRO Professional Cloud Service Plan. 12 months, Multi-Tenant, 500 managed devices included (no max amount of devices, use CSP-C2E/PRO-DEV to add more than 500 devices to your organization) General Availability


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