Tactical Radio Fiber Systems
FiberPlex PKG-CCRP Fiber optic remote system for Harris RO Tactical satellite radio with redundant radio power

The PKG-CCRP is a Fiber Remote System specially designed for the Harris Exelis RO™ Tactical Radio system.

The PKG-CCRP is a two-part solution providing a fiber optic remote extension of the Exelis RO™ Tactical Radio handset/data port to a desk set monitor. The solution enables the radio to be mounted in a convenient location to allow a shorter permanent antenna cable, maximizing the signal strength, while letting the radio to be used in a location where it may not normally function.

The 2U high rack mount chassis provides power regulation for the radio, local connector access for install verification/configuration/monitoring, and a fiber optic interface for remote connection of the radio accessory port. All installed devices are modular and can be easily accessed from the rear of the chassis. Front panel LEDs show system power and radio PTT status.

The desk set monitor provides for connections of the same radio accessories (handset, headset, PDA device, etc.) as well as a separate rear serial port (standard 9 pin connector) for connection to a PC or other serial device while allowing for monitoring of incoming audio via the desk set speaker. Separate volume controls enable adjustment of the handset volume apart from the monitor speaker volume. The monitor speaker has a mute control, allowing quick silencing of the speaker without having to adjust the volume. LED indictors show the monitor speaker mute status as well as fiber link status. The rear serial port allows simultaneous data and audio use.

PKG-CCRP applications

  • Radio Rack (RMC-CCRP)
  • Provides housing and power for an Exelis RO™ Tactical Radio
  • Hot Swappable Redundant Power Supplies
  • Supports all functions of the RO ™ Tactical Radio including PTT and serial data connection
  • Front panel access for local handset connection
  • Local / Remote selector
  • Status indicators
  • Includes all radio connections
  • Easy access for external antenna connection
  • Desktop Remote (CCRP-B)
  • Full handset support
  • Built-in speaker for audio monitoring
  • Separate volume control for handset and speaker
  • DB9 Serial port connector for remote radio monitoring
# Model # Description Availability
1 CCRP-B Spare Parts for PKG-CCRP: Remote desktop unit with speaker, handset connection and RS-232 dataport. Accommodates Excelis Noise Cancelling Handset (8241761G1) not included. Special Order
2 CMA-2100 Spare Parts for PKG-CCRP: Fiber optic conversion tray. Includes FOI-7280 mounted with fiber jumpers and copper breakout for radio connections. Special Order
3 CMA-CCRP Spare Parts for PKG-CCRP: Custom carrier tray for radio with integrated power supply. Radio not included. Contact us for Availability
4 PKG-CCRP Packaged solution for remoting the audio, control and data from a ITT Excelis RO Tactical Radio via fiber to a desktop interface unit. Includes chassis with redundant power and remote desktop unit. Exelis RO Tactical Radio (8241799G8 [NSN 582001C134201]) Contact us for Availability
5 RMC-CCRP Spare Parts for PKG-CCRP: 19 in EIA Rack mount chassis, 3.5 in (2RU) to hold components necessary to house, power and convert Excelis RO Tactical Radio (8241799G8 [NSN 582001C134201]) . Includes front panel connection for local headset,panel indicators an Special Order


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