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This legacy product is not recommended for new installations. For new-generation alternatives, please see Patton's DialFire™ Model 3120 Quad T1/E1/PRI Remote Access Server (RAS).

The Patton DialFire™ 2960 Remote Access Server (RAS) is an ideal solution for the established Internet Service Provider that is expanding into a new calling area. By integrating capabilities into our 2960 Remote Access Server, the ISP lowers expansion costs and produces revenue immediately.

The 2960 RAS integrates 16 analog and digital modems, RAS software, a 10/100 Ethernet port, IP Routing, Frame Relay forwarding, and four E1/T1 CSU/DSUs. It connects 16 dial-in-modem V.92,V.110, V.90, K56Flex, V.34+ or ISDN users to the Internet, IP LANs, or Corporate Intranets. Load-sharing dual-redundant power supplies and integrated Web-based SNMP/HTTP management system capabilities make our 2960 RAS the most reliable and easiest to use RAS in the business!

The Model 2960 integrates standard CSU/DSUs and a 10/100 Ethernet port with Frame Relay and PPP/HDLC protocol support.
Model 2960 Application Diagram

  • 16 ports in a 1U-high platform—Model 2960 uses the latest technology to achieve the highest densities
  • Dynamic Analog/Digital Modems—All modems (V.92, V.44, V.90, K56Flex™, V.34+ and ISDN) are dynamically supported on dedicated DSPs
  • Frame Relay & PPP Network Uplinks—Dual Network uplinks to a FR switch or IP router for high speed trunking
  • SNMP/HTTP Network Management—Use a standard Web Browser, HP OpenView™ or simple PCs to configure and manage the 2960
  • MultiLink and Multichassis Support—Combine multiple dial-in sessions, even across boxes to deliver the highest performance
  • Call-Back, Dial-Out/Dial-on-Demand (T1 RBS, T1/PRI, or E1/PRI only)—Use the Model 2960 as a dial-out modem pool and support advanced dial-out applications
  • Dual-Redundant Power Supplies—Provide non-stop access with our high MTBF 2960. Convection-cooled and stackable without fans


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