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Patton’s Model 6081RC EdgeRoute is a feature-rich IP Router/VLAN Aggregator for the ForeFront AIS that addresses the access concentration needs of service and enterprise organizations.


The Model 6081RC is an access router and VLAN aggregator for the ForeFront AIS that is optimized to process traffic from multiple channelized T1/E1 and DSL interfaces. The EdgeRoute converts any ForeFront AIS chassis into a powerful IpDSLAM and modular access router. The 6081RC is available with up to three 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports and takes advantage of any port attached to a ForeFront System for servicing the most bandwidth hungry access applications.

Leverage the supported RADIUS Accounting and Authentication features of the 6081RC to provide dynamic service authentication to any user. With RADIUS, existing subscriber profiles do not need to change and integration with existing billing systems can be maintained when migrating the user from dial-up to dedicated DSL or TDM access.

Easily tailor and manage the level of service to the needs of the organization. Filter by IP address, IP port, or by physical port. Provide routed IP service using RIP, OSPF, or static routes. Use NAT/PAT for masquerading applications or to perform simple translation. Support simple bridged traffic, transparently passing VLAN tagged frames or add VLAN tags to enhance the switching of traffic by the core network.

With SSH, secure management connections into the unit are a snap. The 6081RC supports a very easy to use WWW/SNMP interface permitting control and configuration from any PC or workstation with a web browser. Compatibility with SNMP management platforms permit easy integration into almost any established networking environment.

Operating Features
The Model 6081RC is a feature rich service provisioning platform with the ease of management required by service providers. Included with the purchase of every unit is free initial configuration support, one year of free technical services, one year warranty, and free software upgrades. Features include:

  • Value added Routing Features
    • Port wholesaling capabilities supported via Layer 2
    • VLAN tagging (802.1q)
    • Extensive IP port and address filtering facilitates basic firewall configurations.
    • RADIUS accounting, authentication, and authorization (AAA) make the migration of subscribers to high speed services a snap.
  • Complete Network Management
    • RS-232 Console port
    • Integrated SNMP/HTTP (Browser)
    • Command Line Interface
    • Syslog Client
    • Telnet
    • SSH
    • SNTP for reliable time stamping

  • Up to three 10/100 Ethernet Ports—Easily bridge the gap between the LAN and Core Network with differentiated service offerings
  • Extensive IP Routing Support—Support for RIP, OSPF, and BGP4 allows easy interoperability and integration.
  • IP User Management—DNS caching, NAT, NAPT, IGMP, DiffServ, & RADIUS make it easy to create and manage any service. Add L2TP LAC or GRE for per-user tunnels.
  • VLANs—Support the transparent passing of VLAN traffic or add VLAN tags to facilitate core switching
  • Firewall&emdash;Built in IP address and IP port filtering, makes firewall services a snap.
  • SNMP/HTTP Management—SNMP/HTTP manageable from anywhere in the world including attached CPE units
  • NAT/PAT—Easily perform IP address and IP port translation on any interface


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