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Patton’s IPLink Channelized Gigabit multi-media routers concentrate up to 124 WAN connections or bond up to 4 T1/E1s for an 8-Mbps link to serve high-density and bandwidth hungry applications.

--Image: Powered by Trinity AE -- The Model 2884 Series T1/E1 Channelized Gigabit Routers are a family of multi-media routers that terminate up to 124 PPP channels as well as perform Layer 2 bonding of T1/E1 WAN ports with multi-link PPP. Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports ensure connection to any LAN infrastructure.

The IPLink™ Channelized Gigabit Routers offer pre-set priorities for voice and video traffic on a per port basis up to a user configurable bandwidth. QoS configurations ease the bandwidth management of ports and applications through the creation of QoS classes and profiles. Traffic can be shaped and policed to provide full QoS control over both the egress and ingress directions. ToS/DiffServ bits can be re-striped to ensure network-wide QoS enforcement. VLAN priority bits can be used for QoS enforcement.

Stateful Firewall inspection of traffic is accomplished through the creation of Access Control Lists (ACLs) that enable the filtering of traffic based on numerous criteria including source and destination IP address, port and protocol.

Logical and physical ports are selectable for bridging or routing. Advanced IP features such NAT/NAPT and VLANs are likewise configurable on a per port basis. By supporting the latest version of PPP/BCP, the IPLink transparently negotiates the passing of VLAN traffic over PPP based WAN links. Bridged traffic can be tagged and prioritized according to user defined parameters.

The 2884 Model Series boasts easy installation, offering CLI configuration via Console/VT-100 or Telnet/SSH, and HTTP web based management, and SNMP. Patton's series of high-speed access routers offer the versatility and reliability demanded for business-class applications at the most affordable price.

Available in two and four port T1/E1 versions, the IPLink Channelized Gigabit Ethernet Router comes standard with Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and maximizes the use of the up-link networks, minimizing the cost of deploying service by implementing per TDM channel bridging or routing as well as supporting Layer 2 bonding of WAN interfaces into high bandwidth logical ports.

For bandwidth hungry applications, traffic from both T1/E1 ports can be bonded together using multi-link PPP. For networks with many remote locations up to 124 remote sites can be supported with PPP.


  • 2/4 port Channelized E1 Router--Support up to 124 PPP sessions providing 124 subnets or 124 E1 Ethernet Bridge interfaces.
  • 2/4 port Channelized T1 Router--Support up to 96 PPP sessions providing 96 subnets or 96 T1 Ethernet Bridge interfaces.
  • ML-PPP Expands Bandwidth--Bind any number of channels or T1/E1 ports to create up to an 8Mbps WAN link.
  • Two port Gigabit Ethernet--With Dual 10/100/1000, auto-MDI ports easily connect to any LAN infrastructure.
  • Per Flow QoS--Traffic rates are set through ACLs that shape and police VLAN and IP traffic.
  • Stateful Firewall Inspection--Stateful firewall inspection is accomplished through ACLs that filter by source and destination IP address, IP port and protocol. Connection tracking is included.
  • VLAN Tagging--VLAN tagging and processing is configurable on any T1/E1 channel or Ethernet port.
  • GRE--Support routed point-to-point traffic tunneling over IPv4 networks.
  • PPTP--Create Layer 2 VPNs with PPTP. Supporting both PAC and PNS, the 2884 can easily initiate or receive VPN connections from remote routers.
  • Easy Management--Easily manage the 2884 router via an HTTP/web interface, a CLI accessible via the VT100 console or through Telnet/SSH, or via SNMP.


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